Sunday, 26 February 2012

Rushniks (towels) of Neglyubka

Let us mentally move into a small Belarusian village Neglyubka and represent skilled seamstresses  over their work.

For the record:
Rushnik (towel) - embroidered decorative towels made of homespun linen. The subject of folk culture and folk art of the Eastern Slavs.

Exgibition of Neglyubka's rushniks (towels)

Next story I read in a magazine "Krestyanka". Author N. Maksimov. Excerpts from an article published below.

"Belarusian village Neglyubka located 60 kilometers northeast of the Gomel and has long been famous for its weavers. Once it was a real wilderness, where the guilty were exiled monks of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra (hence the name - Neglyubka: the place is not loved by God).

At a hundred miles around - the forest and swamp land is sandy, poor, not get rich on this, hardly ends meet. Here and there developed weaving: and a dress, and the perk, when to sell can. Everything - from leggings to the headscarf - for themselves and did ...

Life ... Now, of course, different. A good road connects the village to the district center branch, and then - very close to Gomel. And the clothes themselves have not woven, but on holidays, no, no and even pull out of the trunks of colorful vintage dresses - it was too good, it does not show off! And the towels seem to be long out of use out everywhere but here in any hut only on the walls of a dozen count. Lovely towels: multimeter, and each pattern with cute names - "Krivulya," "Spiders," "Radish", "Apple tree", "Rat-stitch," "Bear in the acorns ...".
Do not lose the rural craftswomen his wonderful art. Fourteen streets - six gold medals of the USSR Exhibition of Economic Achievements. As well as diplomas of international, all-Union and republican exhibitions! As shown neglyubskie towels in New York, employees of the Metropolitan Museum begged them to give even one for your collection, because they have none of this does not.

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