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the Brest Fortress

 Belarus - is the most affected country from the Nazis in Europe. It lost a third of its inhabitants, and many more have died since the war from wounds and disease!

The fascists are dealt harshly with the Belarusians. They had a purpose to destroy 80% of the population. But, thank God, they did not succeed. The Germans had destroyed whole villages of Belarusians, were taken away by train to Germany for forced labor, imprisoned in concentration camps. But all this I will tell you some other time. Today it comes to the fortress, which became world famous thanks to the courage and bravery of its defenders.

If you ever visit Belarus, try to get to the Brest Fortress. Then you'll understand why in our country (as elsewhere in the world) people revere the memory of fallen soldiers in World War II.

50 Belarusian roubles with the views of Brest fortress

The fortress is located three kilometers west of Brest - the farthest point of our country. When the Germans attacked, it was 4:00 am, Sunday. Day ago, young people celebrated the end of the school, many have come to the castle to the soldiers to visit them. At that fateful morning in the fort were few soldiers and a lot of old men, women and children.

When the territory of the fortress began to shoot the guns of the enemy, aii people stood up to defend their native land. Everyone helped as best he could: the children carried water, women tied up the wounded. The men took up arms. Very soon, the Germans realized that the castle will not be able to quickly take. They did not expect this. Then they poisoned all the water and the soldiers were forced to deliver her from the nearest river. Beach bombarding the enemy, and every drop of water has become precious.

Fortress fighting to August 1941, as many as 2 months. During this time the Germans lost 5% of its soldiers in the army, it very much. To kill the defenders, the Nazi command ordered flood basements with water from the river Bug.

Most of the women and children left the castle at the beginning of the defense, but many of them never saw the peaceful sky. About themselves defenders of the fortress of Brest for a long time not talk. Only 20 years after the war, the Russian writer Sergey Smirnov wrote a book about them.

May 8, 1965 Brest Fortress was awarded the title Hero-Fortress and the Order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star". Since 1971, a memorial complex.

I grew up not far from Brest, and was often in the fortress. Below I have posted photos taken by me over the years. Among them are several cards that you can buy in the fortress itself.

Let's visit the Brest fortress!!

is the main entrance to the fortress

 view of the fortress

 immediately at the entrance of fortress are the tanks

 This is Mukhavets river, it flows through the territory of the Brest fortress

 The eternal flame in memory of the dead defenders of the fortress

 Terespol gate

 Memorial "Thirst"

 the main memorial

 Kholmsk gate

 Kholmsk gate

 Western Bug River, where the soldiers took water

 Orthodox church. In Soviet times there was a club

destroyed buildings in the fort

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