Thursday, 1 March 2012


Draniki. It's a potato pancakes. In each family of the Belarus people often prepare this tasty national dish. In the history of the pancake recipe it was first mentioned in 1830 by Ian Shytler (Polish chef). They say that the pancakes came through the influence of German cuisine.

I want to share technology, how to making these pancakes. Try it, then realize who is who. The technology can tell family, from ancestors who have some of my achievements. Since I am a big fan of pancakes, the cook often and long, so believe me, all perfected in every detail.

Not all potatoes are suitable for potato pancakes, potato pancakes taste depends on the type of potatoes, where potatoes are grown, and its degree of freshness. What to navigate? Good pancakes are obtained from the yellow potatoes. There is such variety, I do not know the name. But the taste of this excellent potatoes.

Another two important points: forget about the flour - these pancakes are made without flour. And forget about the large grater and grinder - the potatoes should be crushed to very small fractions.

Well, now the process ..
Peeling potatoes. There is nothing special, all elementary.

Now grind. The best option - grater that looks like a piece of iron, which hammered the nails, and she developed bumps with sharp edges. That such. This is the most tedious and long process, but that it turns the best taste (and protection against dental caries).

A little know-how. The most harmful in the preparation of pancakes - juice, which is gradually released from the potatoes. It is, first, liquefies the dough, which leads to a decrease in the thickness of pancakes (not good), and, secondly, it turns black from the dough, and as a consequence of pancake (which is not aesthetic). And the taste of spoiled. So try to get rid of excess juice in the process of creating the test. I use this a mesh colander.

Put a colander in the pot, which will drain the juice, place in a colander shredded potato mixture. And leave for 10 minutes. That's enough juice to once flowed. In addition to squeeze unnecessary and even harmful, and even pancakes are obtained dry.

Then, at the same grater shred one small peeled onion. Then add to the dough.

One more important point. When the juice drain, carefully pour it from the pan. At the bottom of the pan is starch, which is added back into the potato mixture.

Well, actually make the dough: the mass of potato, eggs (2 pieces for 10 medium potatoes), salt and starch from  juice.


Take a heavy-bottomed skillet, ideally cast iron. I have pancakes for a special pan, which is probably about 30 years. Fry in sunflower oil. Oh, and, like lots of butter pancakes, do not save much. Put the dough in the pan (about 1 cm thick or less). The fire should be strong enough, so let's say, above average, it is empirically chosen on different plates. In such a way that the state of pancake until golden roasted for 2-3 minutes.

Turn to the other side.

That's it. Enjoy your meal. Eat more warm. Sour cream, ketchup to taste. Tasty and fun.


  1. So, they are this same like Polish potato pancakes. Belarus and Poland have very similar cuisine. Greetings for You from Poland, Cracow.

    1. Yes, the Belarusian and Polish cuisines are similar. After all, our people have long lived in one country

  2. Hello,
    I found your blog after i googling about the picture of Draniki i found from a postcard i just received few weeks ago. I'd like to write the translation of yoyr page about Draniki and posted in my blog if you don't mind.
    And i'd like to make my own Draniki one day. Thank you for posting :)

    1. Hi!

      I am very glad that my blog has helped you. I hope that you cook the pancakes on this recipe and cooking you enjoy. And of course, I do not mind that you've put a link to my blog in your post!

  3. Hi, I just want to say how interesting is this, I have a belarusian friend that told me to try this meal and I'm sure your post will help me to make the драники or дранiкi.
    thanks and greetings from mexico

    1. Thanks a lot for the comment! I am glad that my notes helps to know more about my country and the national food. I hope you make delicious draniki. )))

    2. Of course, draniki was delicious :) I've checked your other blog and the information that you post on both of them is nice and really helpful for me !! keep up the good work.

  4. Thank you for this receipe. I know it will be great. Just attempting to make it now.

  5. Awesome! Now i'm hungry and definitely want to try to make these pancakes! I believe i've seen something similar in Lithuania, they call them Žemaičių blynai (blynai - pancakes, Žemaičių - Samagotian). But the recipes are different.

  6. Wonderful draniki! They are one of my favorite foods! Thank You!