Friday, 23 March 2012

How to buy straw souvenirs

As I promised, I learned the price of straw souvenirs from Belarus.
But first some information about prices and the Belarusian currency. One dollar in our country is BLR 8000-8500, one euro - 10500-11200. So that all the prices that you see, it is necessary to divide these numbers.

Souvenirs made of straw is cheap and you can buy them in almost every big store in town. All of today's photos were taken in a department store "Gomel". Sorry for the color - the lighting was bad.

On one shelf in the window stood straw souvenirs, the second - puppets of the thread. They are a little more expensive because they are more difficult to do.
a bouquet 

a water lily

a broom (in Belarus, this souvenir hung for good luck (in the kitchen)

a large bell

hearts with flowers

"lapti" is the symbol of wealth

small bells

a mushroom


a decorative box

doll of the thread

a girl with a busket

doll Krasun'ka

an accordeonist

a doll

a doll Ryhorka (it's a boy!)

a hare

a girl in national dress

girls in national dress
Now you know how many there are in Belarus souvenirs made of straw and thread. Soon I will write how much are rushniks, where you can buy them ready-made and where to order their production.


  1. The city that has a rich tradition of luxury and opulence flowing filthily can never fall short of some real souvenirs that make its civilization worth enlivening. In fact, Dubai souvenirs are famous worldwide that invites thousands of visitors to handpick few of them. If you have a rich taste, go in for these souvenirs that can’t be found anywhere else but, Dubai.

  2. You can not compare Belarus and Dubai: the difference between them is as great as the great distance between Earth and Neptune. I'll explain why.
    1. Over the last 300 years, the authorities said Belarusians that they were Russian, there is no Belarusian people, the Belarusian language, Belarusian culture. Therefore, 90% of Belarusians do not know what the culture and traditions of its people can earn big money. People just do not understand that the products of craftsmen can anyone be interested.
    2. In Belarus all owned by Lukashenko and his followers. The private sector there are few, there is no tourism. Officials do not allow private capital to develop, so you will not see the small shops with unique souvenirs - anyone in the government do not need it. We have actively supported the idea that the Belarusian people worthless and is nothing unique in its history is not created. The emphasis is on the war of 1941-1945, and that's the whole history of the state, which is actually more than 1000 years.
    3. Buy souvenirs, which is unique in the world, you can just twice a year - in July and September, at the festivals of folk artists. You can also talk to the craftsmen, and they will create for you a unique souvenir that will be only a single copy. They weave real rushnik, make a frame for the icon, gorgeous jewelry and much more.
    4. On the taste for souvenirs. A person can be born with a rich taste, but do not have the money. My salary is only $ 300 a month, in Belarus it is regarded as prosperity. So I can see the gifts from Dubai only in the picture. I understand that the flowers of straw can not be compared with the products of Eastern masters, but this is what we are sold everywhere. Everything else, as I wrote, it is necessary to speak with the masters themselves, and they live mainly in small towns and not in a hurry to sell their creations.

  3. fantastic ideas for souvenirs, it really does! i like it, this could be my best ideas for next wedding souvenirs, thanks for sharing :)

  4. Today 10/12/2013 Yahoo Finance featured a photo article of a private company in Belarus which makes 16,000 dolls a month, They look like plastic not straw). How do I find out how to purchase one of their dolls? Do you know? The first photo indicates doll mfg "in Svitanak in Mogilyov 124 miles east of Minsk" but they were calling it a doll factory in Belarus. I am an avide doll collector and would love one.

    1. Hello!
      Sorry for the long pause: my work is attacking me)) I found a site of Svitanak. This company really makes dolls, it is in Mogilev. I wrote a letter to the directorate of the company, they promised to help you purchase a doll. Here's the website address: Unfortunately, only the first page of the site translated into English. I asked to send me a price list and a catalog of dolls. If you provide your e-mail, I will forward the information to you.

  5. where can i find belarus towels for buying?

    1. In every large state department store I think. And I saw special mini-shops with souvenirs in many museums.

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