Sunday, 4 March 2012

Straw dolls and not only

Today I will tell you about one of the most popular crafts in Belarus - straw dolls.

Manufactures of straw has always been very popular in my country. Probably because the material is very cheap and the creation of beautiful things he could do one.

Now in many schools, including my own, children learn this ancient craft. They create a whole picture of straw. The work of thirteen girl, a pupil from our school, recently won a national contest.
So, as you see articles of straw are very popular. I do not even near the computer hangs a small bell on a straw blue ribbon.

And today I'll post photos from the works of art made of straw. Two years ago in my native town of Kobryn held national festival, which brings together artists from all over the country. Of course, I spent the whole day taking pictures of the most beautiful toys.

So, watch and admire the talent of Belarusian artists!

husband and wife



royal carriage

straw Art


straw handbag

straw Art
The next time I'll post pictures of small souvenirs made of straw, which you can buy in most stores in Belarus. The photo will be the price in Belarusian rubles. By the way, these gifts are not very expensive, but very beautiful and unique.

You will never find two identical products, because they are all handmade!!!!!

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