Sunday, 29 April 2012

Belarusian money

Belarusian national currency (the Belarusian ruble) was released in 1992. The first banknote denominations of 1 Belarusian ruble was depicted hare.

A prototype for the image served as a Soviet stamp. Can you compare these pictures :) That is why the currency of my country is sometimes called "bunny." (zAitchik)

Since 1992, much time has passed. In this post I will tell you about the current money of Belarus, to the tourists who come to my country.

Let's start!!. It is 10 rubles. Banknotes of 10 rubles is the smallest of its brethren. It shows the old building of the National Library.

The following banknotes of 20 rubles. It shows the building of the National Bank of Belarus.

By the way, recently the authorities want to seize two of the bill to use, but so far nothing has changed. If the bill did disappear in the future, I will write.

The following notes - 50 rubles. It shows the Brest Fortress. I already wrote about the history of the fortress HERE.

This bill is 100 rubles. It depicts the National Theater of Opera and Ballet. This is the most recognizable note - because of his color. All other colors are a bit similar to each other, and often people are confused. But this bill be confused with anything is impossible.

500 rubles in banknotes with the image of the Palace of Trade Unions (Minsk).

This is a bill in 1000. Here you see a National Museum of Art.

This is a bill in 5000 rubles. It depicts a sports complex Raubichi. For this money you can already buy a bun, pay the fare in public transport and taxi, buy a bottle of mineral water.

Here is a bill of 10,000 rubles. It placed an image of the Vitebsk summer theater. Every year in July in the amphitheater of the festival "Slavic Bazaar". (Incidentally, the city celebrates with a week!)

This is a bill of 20,000 rubles. It depicts Paskevich Palace - the card of Gomel. View photos of the palace can be in my blog - HERE.

It notes in 50000. He placed an image of the Mir Castle. This beautiful castle is not far from Minsk. Unfortunately, I have not been there, but I hope that I will get there in the summer.

Bills of 100,000 rubles, and the image Niasvizh castle. This castle is located close to Mir.

If I wrote this post a month ago, I would have finished with these words: "Soon there will be a new bill of 200,000 rubles. While no one knows that it will be shown." But a couple of weeks ago, this bill has been released. While these bills have seen very little of the Belarusians and people are cautiously taking notes in shops and offices (just people are not used). I held it in his hands two days ago, when withdrawing money from a bank card. In the new bill shows the Mogilev Museum of Art.

So, if you come to Belarus, you should know that only such notes are accepted at banks. There are many other bills that are already out of circulation. They can bring as gifts, such notes are sold in specialty stores.

And again, as you can see, many bills are similar to each other by their color. For example, 20, 500 and 20,000 rubles. Or 50 and 10000. Or 1000 and 50000. People often confuse the bill. And I once made a mistake and gave the 50000 instead of 1000. I was lucky: the seller was an honest girl, and returned me the money. Still, you should be very careful and before you pay for something, look closely at the face value of the banknote. 


  1. Actually, what can you buy with 10 or 20 rubles ? I can't even imagine what is it worth in Euros. I was recently in Minsk. My first contact was with a taxi driver who asked me 50 000 rubles for a ride. I was shocked. But it was only about 5 Euros ......

  2. You are right, for 10 and 20 Belarusian rubles can not buy anything. As far as I know, for a penny can not buy anything, so that in many countries, the minimum denomination of banknotes and coins is not a solvent.

    Indeed, the passenger will pay for a taxi ride of about 50,000 rubles or more, it's true. I wrote about this form of public transport as a minibus. 11-18 people carries minibuses, they stop only at the request of the passengers. Such trip will cost you (depending on the city or town) from 1800 to 6500 rubles.

    1. Hi,

      I have some 60080000 equivalent of Belorussian Currency at disposal, which i intend to invest there! Plus i also have an additional amount of around US$ 4,000.00 for other related expenses; now i want to perhaps invest this money into the country & start a business. Would you be able to tell me, what sort of business i can start with this amount & what will be my chances of getting a Permanent Visa/Nationality on these grounds?

      Additionally would you be able to tell, how foreigners are perceived in the country by the local population?

      Thanks & looking forward to your advice!


    2. Hi!
      Unfortunately I'm not a businessman, I am a teacher. I do not understand business, so is unlikely to be able to help you solve your issue. I can only answer that one dollar in Belarus is about 9000 rubles. I do not know in what area you hotit start a business, you do not talk about it. If you do decide to build a business in Belarus, you have to be prepared for the fact that you have to deal with bureaucracy, bribery. Some officials believe that they are the masters of the world on their territory and they decide who will do business in the country. It's very sad, of course. Even you should know that in the past year, analysts attributed this country for States to hyperinflation. I'm afraid your total number is small and you're not going to risk it, you do not want to lose everything and be left without money. In our country, a very positive attitude towards foreigners. The majority of the public believes that any foreigner priori fabulously rich and can afford all the costs. So you have to be prepared for the fact that all the amount you offer to pay the Belarusian side (if you start to develop the business in Belarus), you have to mentally divide in half

    3. Dear Alena,

      Thank you for your detailed response!

      I was planning to start something in the Restaurant field or perhaps some tourism related business. However now that you talk about bureaucracy & bribery i remind myself of friends who have done business in Russia. The only good part is, i will not need a visa to enter the country so that shall save me some stress other than this i thought the hyperinflation would make the stuff cheaper as services & stuff would be calculated in local currency & not in some hefty overvalued Pounds or Euros(honestly this has been my primary source of interest). You say the some of some 10,000.00 Euros will not be enough to start a business, then perhaps i must be careful not to risk everything, as i might end up having nothing in the end. I however very much like the fact that foreigners are highly regarded in the country so i might end getting married to a nice beautiful bel girl & build a happy family with her, but now it might not come true :(

      Thanks for your help Princess ;)

  3. Hi I have a Belarus rubel 200000 bank note? How much is it dollars if it exchanged?

    1. Hello! less than 10 dollars))

    2. How much is 20000 ruble convert yo

    3. My article was written until 2016. In 2016, Belarus held a denomination and 20,000 is 2 rubles now. That's 1 USD.

  4. Hello there, I hope someone could help.
    If I have the 5000 Belarusian Roubles, can I still use it or exchange it for another currency in Belarus?

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  6. hello,

    I have a 50000 belarus bankenote from 2005. What is that worth is USD or is it even valid? I hope someone can help me.

    1. I'm sorry i meant to say the year 2000. Not 2005