Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Halch is a village in which I work. It is located in 2 kilometers from the city Vetka and 14 kilometers from Gomel. You can get to Halch  from Gomel: a bus leaves every hour from the bus station and the shuttle bus departs every 15 minutes. You will go about 35-50 minutes. The village is situated a little away from the road, so you have a little walk.


As you can see, the village is situated in a picturesque place on the bank of the river. There could be a rest with a family, if not a disaster in 1986. But anyway, these places are very beautiful.

Why do you need to go to Halch? In this village is a building to the early 19th century architecture in the classical style. This palace was built by Voynich-Senozhetsky - a rich nobleman, who at that time belonged to the village. Now the building of the palace is not in very good condition: the state has no money for the reconstruction of the palace. Different organizations have repeatedly attempted to raise money for reconstruction, but so far nothing has happened. I publish photos of the palace, while there is still the possibility to save these images for posterity. 

In the village there are numerous monuments to the soldiers who fell during World War II. The fact that the village is on the right bank of the river Sozh, on the high bank. In time of war it could strengthen the fascist forces, and Russian soldiers had to spend a lot of time in order to clear the village, then lost many brave men and many of them are buried in the village.

One of the attractions of the village are the geese. They have a great deal. They even make their way into the courtyard of the school. A physical education teacher jokes that they have learned to perform the command "quiet", "left", "right", "run." :-)

I can not say a word about the school. She is this year marks 100 years - a jubilee! The building has recently been reconstructed and now it is very comfortable. Many people come to our school and do not believe their eyes - in the big cities there are no technologies that are available in our school. Halch school is considered to be the best school in the district.


  1. This village seems to be very nice, peaceful and beautiful place.

  2. What a nice place that you live in.

    1. Thanks ))) My school (my work) is in Halch, but I live in Gomel (12 km from the village)