Sunday, 1 April 2012

"Kupalinka" - a beautiful folk song

"Kupalinka" is another well-known Belarusian folk song. It tells about a girl who gathers in the garden of roses and turns them into a wreath.

Lyrics related with the ancient pagan holiday of Ivan Kupala, which is celebrated every year on July 6. On this day the youth lights a large bonfires on the banks of rivers, lakes, and then jump over the flames. It is a symbol of youth and health. Girls making wreaths and let them float down the river. If the wreath drift away far away, the girl will marry. If the wreath back to shore, the marriage will not be. If the wreath will drown, then the girl gets sick.  

And at night the people went into the woods to look for "Paparats-kvetka" (flower of fern). People say that a man who finds a flower, would understand the language of birds and animals, will find all the hidden treasures, open all the secrets of the earth. 

And now every summer young people gather on the banks of rivers and jumping over the fire. And like thousands of years ago, everyone is looking for "Paparats-kvetka." And sing this beautiful melodious song.

Here I post the two versions of the songs: 
1) in the performance of the Belarusian band "Syabry" and singer Alesia
2) performed by Alexander Rybak (he is a Belarusian-born, he knows the Belarusian language and singing songs on it).

So you can compare these two versions of one song.


                                                                Alexander Rybak


  1. I really love this song. Greeting from Indonesia! Visit back =>

  2. Hey, Alena! I was watching a tv series yesterday and this song appeared during some scenes in Belarus, googled it to get more infos about it and here I am! Thanks! Greetings from Brazil!

    1. I am very glad that my blog has helped you learn more about my country. And about the song, of course!

  3. Hi Alena,

    Australian of Belarusian heritage here. Zyvie Belarus!

    Have a question for you. I have my father's memoir and poems, which are all written in Belarusian. I can speak Belarusian but not read or write well enough to translate them.

    Would you be willing to help me translate them? If so, we can discuss further through email, if you like. Hoping to hear from you soon. Have a great day.