Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Belarusian belts and towels

These days in Belarusian Internet I found an interesting article about the towels and belts made and embroidered by hand. I decided not to translate the whole article, I'll link to it. This article describes the festival of folk artists, which was held in the Minsk region in early May. From the materials of the article, you will learn how to order a towel or a belt, which the prices of these products of the Belarusian weaving. You'll learn the names and addresses of folk artists. Thus, you are able to communicate with your desired master and ordered him a souvenir from Belarus. I think you will not give up and weave towel or a belt. Just imagine: you become the owner of the world's only souvenir!

Thus, the very reference to the article: go to this link:
This is our Belarusian portal, every day I read there news, jokes, watching weather, reports from the studio. This is the most popular site in Belarus.

So you can safely pass by reference and not afraid of viruses. 

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