Tuesday, 22 May 2012

"Касіў Ясь канюшыну" - а Belarusian folk song

This folk song is most known for the Belarusian group "Pesnyary". For the first time the song was performed in 1972 at a concert, "Song of the Year" in Moscow, and it immediately became popular among ordinary people. Really, many listeners were not even aware of the Belarusian language, but they still love this cheerful song.

Summary of the song: the guy Yas' mowed clover and looked at the girl Janina. She liked the young man, and Yas begged his mother to marry. His mother suggested her son to choose a girl Stanislava (to borrow the whole bench - she's a little plump girl). Yas' said "no", because he can't to raise her. Then mother suggested her son to choose a girl Janina - the hardworking girl. And Yas began to mow the clover and gaze at Janina again. Will Yas' married or not - isn't known, the song ends :))))

Below you can see the video in 1972.

A version of this song is contemporary singers. It is very funny. Just look at the Stanislava!

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