Thursday, 17 May 2012

From the history of Belarusian money

This article is for those people who are interested in souvenirs. Also it can read and those readers who collect the currency of different countries.
I'll talk about the history of Belarusian money.

The first independent currency in the country's recent history came in 1992. In the appeal bill was released with a picture of hare in denominations of 1 Belarusian ruble. In fact, so our money is also called "bunnies."

Note the tourist all the money that I describe in this article is withdrawn from circulation in Belarus. They are only good as a souvenir now.

I don't know why the authorities have decided to portray the animals on the money, but it has generated a lot of funny things. For example, the people still believe in the following story: One person received the salary of new Belarusian banknotes (with a picture of animals). While the man was busy with his affairs, his children saw the beautiful pictures of wild animals. They took the scissors and cut out all the animals and pasted into the album. When the father arrived, the children showed him the results of their work. What happened, history is silent :)

So, the next bill - it is 50 cents. You can see a squirrel on it.

On the bill in 3 Belarusian ruble is a picture of two beavers. People joked that the artist painted the Beavers in the most intimate moment :)

Bill in the RR 5 puts the image of wolves.

This bill denominations of 10 rubles. It depicts a lynx.

At 25 ruble's banknote is a picture of the elk.

This bill denominations of 50 rubles. Here you can see the image of a bear. By the way, bears the breed (the bear-baribal) never lived in the territory of Belarus! :)

Here is a note in the denomination of 100 rubles. Here you see the European bison - a symbol of Belarus.

By the way, the authorities didn't expect that inflation will devalue money so quickly. But it happened and the National Bank had been  to introduce new banknotes into circulation six months later (December 1992).
On the banknote in denominations of 200 rubles shows the tower in front of the railway station in Minsk. It's  "the main gates" of the capital.

On the banknote in denominations of 500 rubles is the image of Victory Square. This square is a symbol of Minsk.

That bill denomination in 1000.

This bill denomination in 5000.

Design of these bills survived until the present time. However, because of inflation and denominations of banknotes had disappeared for three zero! So, what was the sample bills in 1994 and the following years?

Here is a note  denomination  20,000 rubles. compare

This bill is denomination 50,000. compare

This image of banknotes in denominations of 100,000 rubles. compare

The next bill - the nominal value of 500,000 rubles. compare

After a little time Belarusians have become millionaires in 1999 - was issued in the denomination of one million rubles. compare

After only six months left in the denomination of five million rubles. compare 

The authorities could not stop the depreciation of money. They decided to again go through the denominations. And again with the bills disappeared three zeros. To learn how to look like the current Belarusian money, I've written here.


  1. We also had big inflation in the 90's - I remember that when I was a child, I couldn't undersant why "old Zlotys" are bigger than new. Belarussian rubel is beautiful with motives from nature.

  2. Yes, rubles is very beautiful. It's a pity that inflation so quickly "eaten" them.
    And you have now €?

  3. No, we don't have euros. We still have Zlotys (złoty).

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