Saturday, 5 May 2012

"The three turtles" - a famous Belarusian song

This is one of the most famous songs in Belarus. The author is Lyavon Volsky (the leader of the "NRM"). The song "The three turtles" was written in 2000 and has since been very popular in our country. A little later, another group of Belarus ("Palace") has created a remix of "NRM". But in my blog will be posted the original song, so you can listen to Belarusian rock music.

Note: Lyavon Volsky left the band "NRM" and began a solo career last year. I hope, he will succeed! This is a very talented man.

Below I have tried to convey the main meaning of the song to the readers of my blog.

If in your life fallen on hard times,
If life has you in the loop,
You will understand that the three turtles,
As before, keep the Earth.
If you go out into the street or go up in the mountains
And begin to communicate with people,
You will understand that both yesterday and today
Our place is on three whales.
Hey, la-la-la-lai,
You do not wait,
No surprises.
Hey, la-la-la-lai,
You do not wait,
You do not wait.
It was not Galileo and Bob Marley
It was not Salvador Dali,
It was not Lenin, Lennon, Carl Linnaeus,
But there were three turtles.
To love Belarus, our dear mother,
It is necessary to visit different lands.
Then you realize that beneath your feet
Three elephants still stand.


  1. Very nice and easy song. It was shown in Polish public TV :) Greetings for You.

  2. It is a very energetic and enjoyable song. Thanks for the translation. It makes it even more interesting.