Thursday, 3 May 2012


In my personal opinion, this is the most beautiful city of Belarus. It is located in the northeastern part of the country on the Western Dvina. People settled in these places for a long time, and the first city mentioned in chronicles in 1021 AD, but many scientists believe that the city was founded earlier - in the year 974. I do not know the history of this city, but you can read it on Wikipedia. I'll talk about the impression it made on me.

Tip 1: If you really want to know the city, come in mid-July. At this time, is the famous "Slavic Bazaar". The city is transformed for 10 days.

Everywhere there are cafés, exhibitions by local artists and jewelers, all the townspeople and tourists feel the holiday atmosphere. Over large areas set the stage, where the evening are the singers, music groups, satirists.

Tip 2: course, you should attend the opening and closing ceremonies. However, tickets sold out long before the beginning of July. But if you get to the concert, you will not regret the money spent. Opening and closing ceremonies, as well as most concerts are held in the summer amphitheater. It is located in a cozy hollow, you'll see on the sides of the green slopes with many flowers.

Near the amphitheater is "Walk of Stars" - a local analogue of the Hollywood attractions. Be sure to go there.

Tip 3: Also you need to visit the city center - it just recently built, but it does not detract from its beauty. On the shore of the Western Dvina is white Orthodox Cathedral. In order to ascend to it, you have to go up the stairs, which gracefully down to your feet. Next - a stream of water which the ducks.

Tip 4: you simply need to visit the Museum of Marc Chagall. This great artist was born here and spent his first painting hometown. Also there is a Marc Chagall Art-Center. Near the Art-Center is an interesting monument in the form of clocks.

In the center stands a huge monument to the fallen during World War II. This is no accident: the Nazis destroyed 90% of the city, the majority of the population were killed or forcibly taken away to Germany. Therefore, the main square of three stele are directed into the sky.

I left Vitebsk with a pleasant feeling. I know someday I'll be back in this beautiful city, pass through its streets, the beautiful waterfront, sit in the numerous parks, with a festive crowd solyus at the festival "Slavic Bazaar".

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  1. I had the pleasure of visiting your town 8 years ago, and I agree, it´s a beautiful place. Like you, I also yearn to visit again....Cheers!