Saturday, 30 June 2012


People call Brest "western gateway of Belarus." And the title justified. Indeed, Brest is very different from other cities of Belarus. As I recall, this is the most developed transport network (after Minsk, of course)

Brest - it's the warmest city in our country. But despite this, the climate is much milder in Brest, for example, the climate in Gomel. I do not want to take the data on Wikipedia (you can do it yourself), but summer in this city is very pleasant weather.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Laugh a little?

- And who came home at five o'clock?
- Mom, it's a cat. I opened the door for him.
Just Google in this world understands you perfectly.
Scientists have discovered what women want. But she has changed her mind ..
You do not need to trust the Belarusian puddles - it could be entry into subway.
If you believe that a magnetic storm is not terrible, for an anniversary present to your wife a magnet on the fridge instead of the long-promised diamond ring.
- My mother-in-law went to an exhibition of snakes yesterday. 
- So what?
- She came back with a medal.
If you think that nicotine does not affect a woman's voice, try to shake off the ashes on the carpet.
- Honey, jewelry has been closed, and I bought you a yogurt.
Clever thoughts always haunt me ... but I'm faster!
I called my husband. I asked: - Do you love me very much? He replied: - Buy. That's what real spousal understanding!

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Top 5 most famous ghosts in Belarus

Good ghost expensive in the world today. Because, without the need for practically nothing, brings tourism business other than money. Sometimes the owners of hotels are ready to come up with a story about the restless spirit, but in Belarus, the opposite is true: ghosts, but they are not wanted. And in vain: the mystical stories we have the highest standard.

1. Black Dame of Nesvizh
One of the most legendary ghosts inhabit the Belarusian Nesvizh Castle. Dark nights of the ancient alleys of the park, through the deserted halls and corridors of the palace haunting black lady - the spirit of Barbara Radziwill, the wife of the King of Poland Zigimont August. The body of the queen rests in Vilnius, but the soul is more than four centuries, forced to toil in Nesvizh.
Not be lazy and tell the sad story of this.
Nesvizh Castle

Interesting fact: how to lay the asphalt? On the grass!

Today I found interesting photos on the Internet. They show how the workers make the new walkway. But for some reason they do not pave it where there are already well-trodden path, and lay the asphalt directly on the grass in the middle of the lawn! It is not known how long this will last track. This work leaves more questions than answers.
Photos taken from here and here

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The most beautiful stations of Minsk subway

 I would recommend to all the tourists who come to Minsk to visit the Minsk subway station.
As in Moscow, in Minsk on each station is unique: you will not find two identical throughout the city.

Metro was opened in Minsk in 1984. First there was a branch of the subway, in 1990, opened the second branch. Plans to expand the metro mayors to 4 branches, and rightly so: in the big cities is very important to quickly get from one end of town to another.
I want to tell you about the most beautiful subway stations. All the photos I took here.

Yakub Kolas Square. The station is named after the People's Writer of Belarus. This is a very beautiful plant. Each pillar is decorated with ornamental plant in the folk style. In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful stations in Minsk.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Some fun

The National Bank today published an analytical review "Financial stability in the Republic of Belarus" in 2011.
Now, at ATMs issuing Br pops query:
- Print rubles
- Refuse to Print

For the Belarusian athlete's world equestrian championship ends in failure ..
If the horse took a barrier, the wagon demolished everything in its path.

Belarus could win the Eurovision Song Contest, if there was early voting ...

-Stepan, Stepan. Your cow smokes?
-No. So what? Why you ask?
Then perhaps shed burns, as the smoke goes.

- In England there is a crisis!
- In Greece, there is a default!
- In Russia there is a collapse of the ruble!
- Belarus is a cloudy, sometimes rains.

A villager went to the chief for help. He asks:
- Who do you work?
- Manager!
- Who do you handle?
- Horse ...

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Rising prices for 2011 (official data)

Rising prices for 2011
  (official data)

The overall inflation rate: 108.7%.
Food: 125%, including:
Cereals: 102.4%
Sausages and Smoked: 117.3%
Butter: 118.3%
Sugar: 135.1%
Tea: 141,%
Eggs: 146.1%
Fruits: 148.8%
Pastry: 154.3%
Meat and poultry: 155.5%
Vegetable oil: 157%
Fish and seafood: 165.0%
Canned fish: 185.9%
Alcoholic beverages: 132.2%
Tobacco: 128.2%
Non-food products: 112%
Services: 64.9%, including:
Gas supply: 88.1%
Travel Services: 160.8%
Passenger: 105.6%, including:
Public transport: 83.9%
Air: 162.1%
International w/d of transportation: 195.1%

2011: Crisis in Belarus. Part 2.

June 2011. As I wrote in Part I, on May 23, 2011 the Belarusian ruble was devalued by 56%. The next day, people are faced with the fact that prices have increased by 2 times. It was very unpleasant. I understand business, who thus tried to survive, but to ordinary people was even harder. It was at that time prohibited the restriction is entered on the export of fuel. The fact that the enterprising people bought gasoline and sold it to neighboring countries. Also introduces a restriction on the export of sugar, cigarettes, oil and other commodities. Interestingly, in Russia it was possible to remove anything and in any quantity.
June 7 sharply increased in price fuel. On that date it was known in advance and on that day (June 7), the incredible happened: for the first time many people began to be active. Exactly at 19.30 on the main streets of Minsk motorists stopped the machine and started beeping. So that the police did not arrest cosignatories shares, drivers went on tricks. For example, exhibited a sign that the machine is in urgent need of repair, the car will not start and so on.

2011: Crisis in Belarus. Part 1.

Probably, foreign readers will want to know about events in my country a year ago. During the 2011 Belarus saw many things: the financial crisis, and the terrible terrorist attack in the subway, and much more. I'll try to talk about what happened. Of course, this is subjective, and possibly far from the financial settlement. But you will find the atmosphere in which people lived in 2011 (to be honest, the echoes of the past year and now we feel).

It all began in the autumn of 2010. In the two months (before the presidential election), my salary has increased by 50%. In Belarus the authorities often raise wages before the election, it must have been preserved from the Soviet era. People were just so many money.Ya remember that he did not know how to dispose of them. And did so, as the whole population: started making a purchase. I guess, so that you can not raise wages, but at the moment have not thought of.

At the end of 2010  next photo had spread all over the world: our president is against the country's gold reserves. This picture was calm the population, but for some reason did not work: maybe it was a little gold?

2011. January was relatively quiet. The people began to appear the rumors that have to buy the currency: it will soon become more expensive.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Jokes about Belarus

British chip firm - jokes about the duckling who passes a road. Polish joke about the Germans, the Germans - about the Russian, Russian - about Stirlitz (if anyone knows this is a hero of the series "17 Moments of Spring" -  the Russian spy). Belarusians are joking about himself and (very gently, whispering in your ear) on the authority)).
So let's have some fun together!

If Belarusians lost in sports, the Russian news write:
"The loss of the Belarusians."
If they won, the Russian news write:
"The victory of the Russian school."

A man stand on a street in Minsk and cry. Police officer approaches him and asks:
- Why are you crying?
- I want to live in Belarus!
- So you do so live in it!
- I want to live in that Belarus, which is shown on the TV!
On this day in European banks will be available RBLs only if there is help from a psychiatrist.

- So, Belarus can be deduced from the crisis in two ways:
A. Or the Martians arrive and help us.
В. Or we will do everything yourself.
Prime Minister:
- No, the second option completely unreal!

In Belarus, there are three degrees of poverty: 1) No money, 2) Absolutely no money, and 3) there are no money, it's time to change dollars.

A pessimist is walking through Minsk, and behind him are two optimist in civilian clothes ...

What is uzvar?

Uzvar is Belarusian (and Ukrainian) national drink.
This is a compote of dried fruits: mainly apples, pears and plums, but the different recipes Uzvar include raisins, dried cherries and dried apricots. Uzvar - very refreshing, tasty, healthy drink and it's easy to do. I highly recommend it for everyone. Particularly well to prepare it for the children - they will love it! By the way, in our schools and health centers for children in the winter often prepared uzvar and kids (and me) drink it with pleasure))).

Monday, 18 June 2012

Why Belarus is Lithuania?

Foreigners often wonder why educated Belarusians speak of Belarus "Belarus is Lithuania." Why is it called? Indeed, Lithuania is a neighboring state with its capital, its culture, language.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

A cranberry jelly

Since my childhood I remember the taste of the drink. When I was little, my grandmother often cooked me a cranberry jelly. Where my grandmother found cranberries (and she lived in the city), I do not know. I guess she bought it from the villagers.
Grandma is long gone, but I remember the recipe for this tasty drink and cook it myself. By the way, a drink like men: jelly has a slightly sour refreshing taste.

Fresh or frozen cranberries 120 g.
Sugar (to taste)
3 tablespoons of starch

Chop the cranberries with the blender or with mortar.
Pour the cranberries 5 cups of cold water.
Put on the fire, bring to a boil and strain.
Again, put on fire, add sugar and bring to a boil.
Dissolve the starch in half a glass of water and carefully pour a small stream of starch into the boiling broth cranberry.
If necessary, add a little water.
The finished pudding poured into cups, sprinkle with sugar, so as not to form a film, and refrigerate.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Celebration of the last call

I want to tell you about the celebration, which took place four days ago in all schools of Belarus (May, 31). I think that these celebrations were many schools in the former Soviet Union (Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, etc.) and probably in many European countries.

I'm talking about the day when students all over the world celebrate the end of the school year and the beginning of summer vacation.