Saturday, 30 June 2012


People call Brest "western gateway of Belarus." And the title justified. Indeed, Brest is very different from other cities of Belarus. As I recall, this is the most developed transport network (after Minsk, of course)

Brest - it's the warmest city in our country. But despite this, the climate is much milder in Brest, for example, the climate in Gomel. I do not want to take the data on Wikipedia (you can do it yourself), but summer in this city is very pleasant weather.

If you arrive by train at Brest, the first thing you see is the train station. He is one of the biggest in Belarus and, in my opinion, the most beautiful. True, the station building repair (inside will have a new waiting room, snack bar and much more). So you can enjoy the train station just outside, but inside the log will not work.

Besides all this can be called the Brest European city with a lot of small and narrow streets, plenty of cafes and restaurants.

One of the most popular streets is Sovetskaya Street. Several years ago the authorities of Brest closed it for transport. Now, Sovetskaya Street pedestrian. This is the real center of the city! Here reigns the unique atmosphere of joy and harmony.

On this street, a lot of lights. By the way, they are lit by hand every night! There comes a man puts a large and long ladder, and the order of each lamp lights on the street. It's very romantic. There is even a memorial dedicated to this amazing fact.

We walked around town and decided to stay a snack at a cafe on the street Sovetskaya. We were curious to visit the sparrow flew. We have served him. ))

Unfortunately, few know that all the buildings on this street painted on one side only, and in the courtyards of the mud and desolation reigns. Since tourists are not visiting Brest yards, and repair it there is no need to do (probably because they think in Brest).

On a street not far from Brest fortress is now a pillar. It means that from 1836 to 1915 on this site was the border between the lands of the town and lands of the fortress.

It is impossible to go to Brest and not visit the Brest Fortress. Photos you can see HERE.

This city is also rich in museums.

I strongly recommend to visit Brest Museum of saved values. If customs were found hidden works of art, they are always sent to the museum. Here you will find many unique items. You will be told that the transport of ancient icons sawed into pieces (!!!), To hide from customs. If you want to visit this museum, it is centrally located at the beginning of the road to the castle (right side). You will not get lost: through the center of Brest is a straight street (Avenue Masherov) and any city dweller will tell you that you just have to go right all the time.

Here is a Railway Museum. It is located near the Brest Fortress. If you go out of town, the museum will be on the right side a little bit short of the fortress.

This is the most famous monument of Brest. The fact that at the bottom of the monument (the perimeter) stacked plates, which describes the history of the Belarusian language. In these inscriptions allowed 90 errors! Photographs of plates were published on the Internet, and they are in my blog (here), then the plates were replaced by new ones, without the errors. LOOK

Brest has a park where you can often find not only the rest of the townspeople and visitors alike, and storks. They roam freely among the people.

And in Brest is an ugly clock in the center of the city: they even are a symbol of the city. They are on Masherov St. at the main department of Brest. Here is their picture.

The street is also a Soviet watches, they look much more interesting.

Welcome to Brest!


  1. I only read about prewar Brest. On Your photoes it looks very tidy, clean and well maintaned.

  2. Are you the women in 3 of the pictures above?

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    1. Both of you are talented photographers.

    2. Thanks for the compliment)))