Saturday, 2 June 2012

Celebration of the last call

I want to tell you about the celebration, which took place four days ago in all schools of Belarus (May, 31). I think that these celebrations were many schools in the former Soviet Union (Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, etc.) and probably in many European countries.

I'm talking about the day when students all over the world celebrate the end of the school year and the beginning of summer vacation.

In Belarus, this holiday is typically as follows:
At 9.00 am (time, of course, approximate, but I'm sure it will be correct) begins the celebration. It's called "line". Imagine that on the ground in front of the school drew a large square or rectangle. On both sides of this square are the children of one or two rows (depending on the number of children in school), for them - parents, teachers. In the center there is a lot of free space. Here is the location of children and is called the "line".
First Belarusian anthem played.
Then - very touching part:  graduates leave the school building. They come in pairs with the music, pass around the perimeter of the square and get a free space near the school. With them goes and the class teacher. He seemed to be escorted children to the last "line" in their lives.

And then begins a solemn part: director, invited guests give gifts to talented children, handed certificates and diplomas. Deputy Director read the names of students who complete their studies. The kids read poetry, boys and girls from different classes sing songs or dance.

Then the graduates coming to the microphone. They say thanks to the school, parents and teachers, give flowers and hand out invitations to the prom. This is a sad moment. Many graduates start to cry, cry, too, the teacher, and director, and parents.

At my school graduating class sang a song. And if there was no sound track, we'd never heard the lyrics of this song: the children were crying.

At the end of the song they released into the sky colored balloons as a symbol of the passing of childhood. Everyone who was at that moment on holiday, looking at the balls flying in the blue sky. Interestingly, the two balls are not flown, they become entangled in the branches of a birch. Some of the parents said: "So, the two return to the village."

And after the song last school bell rang. He rang in the silence, so that graduates realize that their childhood had just ended, and in front of children waiting for exams.

Such a sad little celebration is held each year in our country. And on this day I see my students, quite adult. I remember, however small they once were, as a shy and timid hello to me. I never think how many years have passed, as far as I aged myself. I only see my students anxious adults who are on the verge of a new life. And I sincerely wish them happiness. 


  1. In Polish schools summer holidays begin with third Friday of Juny - but sometimes it is depended on Catholic celebration like Corpus Christi, which in some years is celebrated on the third or fourth Thursday of June. In this case also schools end their school-year earlier or with Friday after this Catholic holy day.
    This year I finish my academic-year after exams, it will be at the beginning of July.

  2. Being a teacher is an honourable profession. At times like this, it is always bitter sweet for the teacher. Your students have grown over the years under your care and are now on the way to be tentative adult. You help in shaping them and wishes them the best but at the same time you are sad seeing them go...

  3. Я нашла себя на этих фотографиях )))

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