Friday, 22 June 2012

Jokes about Belarus

British chip firm - jokes about the duckling who passes a road. Polish joke about the Germans, the Germans - about the Russian, Russian - about Stirlitz (if anyone knows this is a hero of the series "17 Moments of Spring" -  the Russian spy). Belarusians are joking about himself and (very gently, whispering in your ear) on the authority)).
So let's have some fun together!

If Belarusians lost in sports, the Russian news write:
"The loss of the Belarusians."
If they won, the Russian news write:
"The victory of the Russian school."

A man stand on a street in Minsk and cry. Police officer approaches him and asks:
- Why are you crying?
- I want to live in Belarus!
- So you do so live in it!
- I want to live in that Belarus, which is shown on the TV!
On this day in European banks will be available RBLs only if there is help from a psychiatrist.

- So, Belarus can be deduced from the crisis in two ways:
A. Or the Martians arrive and help us.
В. Or we will do everything yourself.
Prime Minister:
- No, the second option completely unreal!

In Belarus, there are three degrees of poverty: 1) No money, 2) Absolutely no money, and 3) there are no money, it's time to change dollars.

A pessimist is walking through Minsk, and behind him are two optimist in civilian clothes ...