Friday, 29 June 2012

Laugh a little?

- And who came home at five o'clock?
- Mom, it's a cat. I opened the door for him.
Just Google in this world understands you perfectly.
Scientists have discovered what women want. But she has changed her mind ..
You do not need to trust the Belarusian puddles - it could be entry into subway.
If you believe that a magnetic storm is not terrible, for an anniversary present to your wife a magnet on the fridge instead of the long-promised diamond ring.
- My mother-in-law went to an exhibition of snakes yesterday. 
- So what?
- She came back with a medal.
If you think that nicotine does not affect a woman's voice, try to shake off the ashes on the carpet.
- Honey, jewelry has been closed, and I bought you a yogurt.
Clever thoughts always haunt me ... but I'm faster!
I called my husband. I asked: - Do you love me very much? He replied: - Buy. That's what real spousal understanding!

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