Monday, 25 June 2012

Some fun

The National Bank today published an analytical review "Financial stability in the Republic of Belarus" in 2011.
Now, at ATMs issuing Br pops query:
- Print rubles
- Refuse to Print

For the Belarusian athlete's world equestrian championship ends in failure ..
If the horse took a barrier, the wagon demolished everything in its path.

Belarus could win the Eurovision Song Contest, if there was early voting ...

-Stepan, Stepan. Your cow smokes?
-No. So what? Why you ask?
Then perhaps shed burns, as the smoke goes.

- In England there is a crisis!
- In Greece, there is a default!
- In Russia there is a collapse of the ruble!
- Belarus is a cloudy, sometimes rains.

A villager went to the chief for help. He asks:
- Who do you work?
- Manager!
- Who do you handle?
- Horse ...

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