Monday, 30 July 2012

Belarus: how to travel by train (part 1)

Very often, foreign tourists have problems with the trip to Belarus. These problems associated with transport. You should know that buy a ticket from one city to another is not always easy. If I plan to go to another city, I'm buying a ticket in advance (2-3 weeks). Otherwise, you can not take the train and see the sights of the city.
The second problem: 99% of the cashiers do not speak English. Even if you write a text on paper and give the cashier to read - this will not solve the problem. You must describe your route, specify all types of transplants (if you are planning).
Therefore, when planning an individual trip to Belarus, you should plan your route and allow it All sorts of contingencies.
I'll leave a link to the website of the Belarusian Railways. This site has an English version, but it does not schedule trains.
So I'll show you how to use the Russian version of the site.

First you choose the type of trains: passenger or commuter. Passenger trains run faster, they are more comfortable. Commuter trains go slow, stop often, they are very uncomfortable. Therefore, I suggest you choose a passenger train.

Here is the image of clock. Near the first clock there is a link to the timetable of passenger trains (they are faster). Near the second clock there is a link to the schedule of commuter trains (they are slower).

Following the link brings you to this page. Here you must specify the departure station and arrival station, date and time of departure.

Station names you have to type in the Russian language. I advise you to use Wikipedia (copy the Russian name of the city).

Going further you get to the page you can see all the trains at this time. You know how many trains sent to the specified day, how many tickets remain on sale and their cost. The ticket price varies depending on the type of car.

You can select a specific train from the list (left of the train, click on the circle) and see a more complete information about the seats in the car.

Buying a ticket, you must tell the cashier the following:
1.Specify the number of trains (or the station of departure or arrival)
2. Specify the time of departure or arrival
3. Specify the type of car.

Types of cars in Russian:
Write it down on paper and hand the cashier if you do not know the Russian

General and carriage with numbered reserved seats look the same. But there is a significant difference: in general the car on the down shelf there are three tickets for sale (three people sitting next to each other all the way, you can not lie).


Плацкартный (плацкарт)
General and carriage with numbered reserved seats look the same. But there is a significant difference: in the second-class car you own the whole shelf.

Купейный (купе)

So you can find lots of information about your future trip by train.


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