Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Cafe "Offline" in Mogilev

I want to tell you about the best cafe in Mogilev. It is situated in the heart of the city. His address: Lenin street, house 30. Cafe Hours: 8.00 - 23.00. Site: http://offlinecafe.by/

I went into this cafe by accident. Looking for a place where we could eat. I do not like restaurants (in our country people drink a lot of alcohol), I love the little cafe, where a special atmosphere.

The trouble is that often come across the institution at which the owners want to take a man as much money as possible and serve more visitors.

I can not say this about Cafe "Offline." I was pleasantly surprised by the design of white walls.

On the white walls celebrities leave their autographs. Copies of works of famous photographers, master paintings, interesting posters - all of them decorated cafe.

On one wall is placed measuring growth. Also posted on the meter data on the growth of historical celebrities. I saw a few visitors, who gladly recognized its growth and compared it with the growth of Peter the Great, Lenin, Napoleon.

In the Cafe "Offline" most delicious coffee in the country! I speak the words of my companion, who drank as much as 8 cups of this wonderful drink! Unfortunately, I do not like coffee so I can not judge his own taste, but my companion is a real connoisseur of coffee, and I trust his opinion. I drank tea. He is also very tasty.

I also liked the cafe menu: it is quite diverse. You will able to sit with a cup of coffee or order several types of first-class lettuce. One portion of this, I tried to eat as much as 40 minutes!

Very tasty cakes are in the Cafe "Offline". I am a sweet tooth so I like cakes, biscuits. I really enjoyed the cake "Tiramisu": it was very tasty.

Separately, I have to say about music in the cafe "Offline." It complements the overall design of the cafe and make your stay in it is truly remarkable. Music was smooth, quiet, easy to remember. A few days later I sang tunes that I heard in the cafe. And  now I am trying to find them online. :)

And what struck me in the heart: I love to read, I literally could not part with books. I have a large collection of interesting books and most of all I appreciate this literature. On the window sill Cafe "Offline" I saw a lot of books. They could pick up and read what I did. All books were donated to a cafe by different people. I saw the book in different languages, and he selection of the authors I was pleasantly surprised. Of all the books there was no best-seller, or "pocketbooks".

Indeed, the owners of the cafe "Offline" take care of each visitor, who looked to them for a cup of coffee. I am sure that now (unless it fall into the Mogilev) I will visit this cozy cafe.

So welcome to the "Offline"!


  1. That is definitely a place for me, coffee-addict ! :)

  2. Please give some prices for the food pictured above.

    1. Oh ... it was 2 years ago, but I'll try to remember.
      Coffee (cup) - $ 1 (a large glass) - $ 2, tea (a pot, 300 g) - $ 1, cake - $ 1-1.5, salad - $ 1.5-3. I remember that in Gomel that summer I was paying twice as much for very small portions.

  3. Thanks for the information ... prices are always so interesting.

    1. Yes, the prices are always talking a lot about the country.