Thursday, 12 July 2012

Cucumber Capital of Belarus

In our country there is a very interesting village. It differs from all other settlements in Belarus. This village is called Alshany (Olshany). She is famous for ... cucumbers.

In this village near every house is a huge greenhouse, which is grown cucumbers. This is practically the only thing the local population, which brought the treasure to the villagers.

Olshany famous for its strong economy, and people buy expensive cars, build a large modern private houses. If a girl borns in the family, the happy father builds a big house for her. By the way, Olshany have a very large family in which 5 or more children.

Of course, the wealth does not appear out of nowhere. All the villagers are working from morning till night in greenhouses. Cucumbers are beginning to be planted in early spring, and in May, has already collected the first harvest. This continues until late autumn. Near the village there is a market where they sell only the cucumbers. Many families have their own trailers, which cucumbers are transported across the country. A lot of Russians coming to Olshany. It is very favorable conditions and low prices for them.


  1. It is the same as in little town called Krzeszowice - it is known as "tomato basin". So Olshany could be called as "cucumber basin".

  2. My grandparents were from this town. My grandmother made a cucumber-mashed potato dish. I am interested in recipes from the area. Would love to have some of the authentic recipes.