Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Dounpour in Gomel. NEW!!!!

In Gomel, 4 hours ago was a tropical downpour. Streets in the heart of the city were flooded. Transportation was paralyzed. Rescuers transported people from the bus to the bus stop by the boat. The people endured children on the hands, the drivers help each other. Only one driver decided to drive a public taxi through a flooded section of the street. He succeeded, but the other drivers decided not to risk it.
Not far from my house the water flooded the streets, too. People waded knee-deep in water, they helped sneak machines "emergency".
Video by Olga Valchenko


  1. In my country there is big contrast between regions now. In my city (Cracow) there is almost drought - everyone in Cracow and villages near my city waits for large rain, so needed for crops and people. But in South-Western Poland there are flood.
    I watch in TV last day materials about big flood in Russia. It is real tragedy :(

    1. You're right, it's a real tragedy. It is terrible that the help came too late