Friday, 6 July 2012

Heat in Belarus

This week in Belarus established the unusual weather for our country. The day temperature 33 - 35 Celsius. This is despite the fact that the usual summer temperature does not exceed 30. On the street during the day can not go, the scorching sun burns its rays. Only in the early morning or evening, as now, you can walk along the paths or sit in the park.

Worst of all older people feel. They raised davvlenie and heart pains. At the beach a lot of people are sunbathing and swimming. This is the only way out. In most houses of the Belarusian people do not have air conditioning and the windows are hung wet sheets or towels. My parents also did not have a built in air conditioning. They bought a small fan, which saves a bit of heat. But if the hours per day to use ketim air conditioning, then we have a lot to pay for electricity. So the only way out is always the same sheet, frequent showers, cool water and fan.

OK, that heat will subside next week!

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  1. We have this same in village near Cracow - +36 degrees! But I have also good news - in next week we will have cooler weather with rain.