Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Independence Day

Today my country is celebrating the most important holiday - Independence Day. This holiday is celebrated annually on July 3. But not always, Independence Day was celebrated on this day.

Since 1991, Independence Day was celebrated on July 27, the day of the Declaration of Sovereignty of Belarus.

The decision to celebrate Independence Day on July 3, the day of liberation of Minsk from the Nazis, was taken during the national referendum in 1996.

Personally, I do not think it was the right decision: the history of the state begins with the signing of the Declaration of Independence. But in fixing the date of the holiday, as always happens, politics intervened: it was in 1996 in this country had a crisis of power: the deputies fought for power with the president. And on that ill-fated referendum, people voted not for some issues, but "yes" or "against" individuals. MPs offered to celebrate Independence Day July 27 (as it was from 1991 to 1996), and the president argued that the date of the holiday should choose a day when Soviet troops entered the city of Minsk (July 3). Since people voted "for the president," the date of the holiday was changed.

Thus liberated Minsk became a symbol of an independent state.

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