Friday, 6 July 2012


People say that on the night of 6 July 7 animals and trees could talk to each other. For many centuries this night is magical. This is called a midsummer night or the night of Ivan Kupala. This celebration is traditional, not only for Belarus. It is celebrated in the Ukraine, the Baltics, Russia.

There was once a Slavic pagan god of fertility - Kupala. With the advent of Christianity in Belarusian lands in this day began to celebrate the feast of St. John the Baptist. Over time, the people of the two names merged into one and the holiday became known as Ivan Kupala, or Midsummer.
This night will be today. I've already talked a bit about this holiday, and now (1 hour) in the park of my city to start a holiday. I have a little time to tell you that the Belarusians do in the evening and night.

Unmarried girls are weaving wreaths and keep them on the water. If the wreath drift away far away, the girl this year, will get married. If the wreath will sail back to shore, then the marriage will not be. And if you drown a wreath, it is a bad sign.

Another tradition is the kindling of a large fire. Then, when the fire burned, a boy and a girl will take up arms and will jump over the fire. It is believed that this is a very good sign and it is fortunately. By the way, it is necessary to put the wheel into the fire. Burning wood wheel - it is a symbol of the god Kupala.

Late in the evening or at night the young people will go to the park or the woods to look for fern flower. Everyone knows that ferns do not bloom, but there is a legend. As it is the man who finds a fern flower will be able to understand the language of birds and animals, he knew where all the buried treasures in the world. It is not surprising that until now many people are looking for a magic flower.


  1. We had this same tradition - it was more common in villages than in cities.

    1. I know that our peoples have much in common!

    2. Nice explanation of kupalle. Is it always the night of July 6th-7th?