Friday, 20 July 2012


Last weekend I visited the Mogilev. Is a city in eastern Belarus, about 76 km from the border with Russia's Smolensk Oblast and 105 km from the border with Russia's Bryansk Oblast. As of 2011, its population was 360,918.[1] It is the administrative centre of Mogilev Region and the third largest city in Belarus.

I came to town early in the morning. At first, I decided to leave the store my belongings. I had to wait about half an hour. because the luggage compartment was closed. The duty officer at the station told me that it happens very rarely, and I just had no luck. But the first impression was a bit spoiled. There are coffee machines at the station where tourists can buy a coffee. In a small canteen you can buy chips and beer. I also saw some old chops. That often happens at the stations: people buy beer and don't care that they will eat.

By the way, a statue of the railroad employee standing at the entrance to the station. Behind him on the wall strengthened the symbolic bell. It is possible to ring.

There is a sign: if you ring the bell, your journey will be successful. While I was at the station, someone rang the bell several times.  

You can get to the city center  by bus or trolley. Since I arrived very early, I just went to different routes and looking at the sights of Mogilev through the glass. I first saw this one church. It can be accessed from three different sides. And on each side, it looks different.

Then I went to breakfast. I found a very interesting cafe in Mogilev, but I will tell you about it next time.

Basically I was walking in the city center. This May Day street, Lenin, Pioneer, Chelyuskintsev. By the way, the whole town shared the Dnieper River in two parts. On one side is the old part of town, but on the other side there is a new part of town. Both parts are connected by several bridges. Here is one of them - the bridge Schmidt.

These are new buildings of Mogilev.

I saw street musicians in Mogilev. This girl is very well sung in English.

And this is the town hall. They are located on the Soviet square. There are many monuments and museums here.

Most attractions are located in the old part of town. So I just post the photos and sign them.

This is the theater of Mogilev. On the steps of the theater statue lady with the dog is. Legend says that the visitors could not get the animals to the theater. So she stands and sells her ticket to the show.

In the center of town, I saw many interesting things. For example, the area of the Stars. It installed a statue of Stargazer (unique in the world), 12 chairs and 12 stars. There is a sign: if you want happiness and good fortune, you have to sit on a chair his zodiac sign, make a wish, three times around the square and take the statue's finger Astrologer. I did almost all ( I didn't sat in the chair as it was busy).

Another thing I found very interesting in Mogilev landmark. This is the Arc de Triomphe. It was staged in the late 18th century. In Soviet times, city officials decided to demolish it, but then changed their minds and made it into a  board of honor. So the arch still stands today: in the classical style and with Soviet paraphernalia.

To be continued...


  1. That is an interesting statue. Ring his bell!

  2. Looks like a very interesting place. Maybe some day I'll visit :)

  3. my name is martin ogiliev, very similar to this place. ive neer been able to trace where the name ogiliev comes from, any suggestions?

    1. I just know that your name is British. Mogilev name comes from two words: the tomb of a lion (mahila lva - magilow)