Wednesday, 25 July 2012

My favorite cartoon

My favorite cartoon is "There was a dog."

I remember and I love this cartoon from my childhood. The plot is based on Ukrainian folk tale: the host expels an old dog of the house, the poor animal goes into the woods ... And the fun begins!

You can watch this cartoon in Youtube and here.

People of the Soviet Union were dismantled in the cartoon quotes, cartoon became very popular. Now you will not find a man who would not know a nice and quick-witted wolf and a good old dog.

Incidentally, in the city of Tomsk (Russia) is a monument to Wolf. Wolf knows how to say phrases from the cartoon "Right now sing," "God help you" and others.

Compare with the original image of the protagonist in the movie.


  1. I didn't know this cartoon, but I watched in TV Soviet cartoon "Wolf and Hare" ("Ну, погоди!"). This monument is lovely :)

  2. Tom and Jerry cartoons were always my favorite and it’s among best old cartoons of my childhood time. I think it is very popular in kids and people of all ages watch it with interest.

    1. Every nation has their favorite cartoons. I remember Russian and Polish cartoons, and Tom and Jerry I first saw at the age of 10-12 years.