Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Restaurant "Izba" in Mogilev

This institution belongs to the category of "come, drink vodka and left." :(((

Design of the restaurant is based on the Belarusian-Russian style: if you get there, you'll see the wooden benches, massive tables, log walls, small windows.

Windows painted with colors. In one window drop gay revelers in another window looking horse.

On the walls hang linen shirt, the ceiling is also quite beautiful.

But individually, I want to tell you about the menu. I am a teacher and I can not go past this ugliness. The menu text is written with terrible errors. These errors interfere with reading the text, they always catch the eye. At first I thought it was part of the overall style of the restaurant, but the error is so rude and stupid that I have changed my opinion. The man who was the text of the menu, did not speak Russian. I would forgive such errors, for example, in the English language. But most visitors to the restaurant they say in Russian, but now such a shame!

I do not advise you to visit such places. Also, I read the reviews on the site of other visitors to this restaurant. We all think this way: if you want to drink lots of vodka, you can safely go to this restaurant. If you want to relax and unwind, you can not go to the "Izba"!


  1. It looks very traditional.

    1. Yes, it looks traditional. That's why I went to a restaurant. So the restaurant can boast only design.

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