Thursday, 26 July 2012

Unofficial Anthem of Belarus

So say many Belarusians.

In 1912, Belarusian poet Yanka Kupala wrote a poem entitled "My Prayer." In 1994, the first time on the Belarusian stage sounded song "The Prayer" performed by the Belarusian band "Pesnyary." The song immediately became a cult. In another way, and could not be: a work of genius of the poet was set to music and flawlessly executed. The song "The Prayer" is considered the unofficial anthem of my country and it is often performed on views presentation, on the stages in various parts of Belarus.

This is a really strong song. I played this song at the contest "Teacher of the Year" in 2011. When I listen to it, tears flowing from my eyes. And if you want to know the soul and mind Belarusians, you should listen to this song.

I will pray with the heart and thoughts
I will pray with my soul
For the black problems, and a blizzard
Never wailed over my native land.
Chorus: I pray to heaven, earth and space
              I pray to to Almighty God and the Universe
              In any situation at any time
              For the native people of Belarus

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