Thursday, 16 August 2012

Belarusian village: West and East

Part of the photos taken from the site
Belarusians still divide their country into two parts: the western and eastern. It has a historical background. In 1918, Lenin signed the Treaty of Riga, and half of the territory of modern Belarus was transferred to Poland. Only in 1939, East and West become one of Belarus.
The events of the past affect the present. This is evident, for example, in a general form of the Belarusian village.

I'll show you pictures of the western and eastern Belarusian villages.
I was born in the west of Belarus.

In this part of the country in the village you will feel the real freedom. Houses are parallel to the road, there is a symbolic fences. Around the house often grow flowers that are visible to everyone.

In the fence there is a small gate. Track starts at the gate and leads to the house. The grass always grows in the yard. Farm buildings in Western Belarus are far apart from each other.

People build a shed so that it was not visible from the roadway. Building of Bath is the place of honor.

Behind all the buildings start vegetable gardens, a path leads to them.
In the western part of Belarus, many people build a "summer kitchen". This is a small building with a Russian stove, inside is a table, stools. The floor is often wooden, so it is easy to wash the floor of the garden dirt. In the summer most of the villagers working in the field and in the summer kitchen, they have dinner. This is done so as not to bring dirt into the house.

In Eastern Belarus is quite different. Houses stand perpendicular to the road, they are surrounded by a high fence with a massive gate.

The yard has the form of small squares on the sides of which are farm buildings. Flower garden is very small. The high solid fence separates the gardens from the yard. The land in the yard is hard, there's no grass.

The windows of homes in eastern Belarus has shutters, and at night they are closed.

In the village of Western Belarus you will see that all the houses are far from the road around them have a lot of space. In Eastern Belarus houses are built close to the road, every house is pressed tightly to the next. The space can only be seen in gardens, it is very beautiful. East Village looks unattractively all hidden, all is well protected. Houses are so close that you can not pass between them.


  1. So it is the same as in Poland. In the West - post-German villages and little towns, build from stone. In the East - more wooden houses. Greetings from Bosnia and Herzegovina! :)

  2. EU's villages are wonderful. Hope i can travel around it soon :)

    1. I hope you will be able to visit my country.

  3. I'm planning to stay in Poland next year :)