Saturday, 11 August 2012

My school

 This is an ordinary village school, there are many such schools in our country. And at the same time, it is unique. This is the best school in the Vetka District (the best in computer technology).

100-120 children attend school. These are children from one village - Halch. They learn in two shifts. Some children come to class in the morning, some children come in the afternoon.

The school building is small, one-story. It looks like the letter L, in which both sides are equally long. And the school does not have a dining room, there is no sport class, there is no the studio, no assembly hall. Because our school is celebrating his birthday this year - 100 years old. But you never say that the school is a respectable lady, it looks like a young girl.

Food is brought from the Vetka three times a day. Children eat in a designated class.

All events are held in the corridor, it is wide enough.
In physical education lessongs children are engaged in the small sportground near thr school.

In winter they ski and skate. We have a great descent! In winter, the children take the cut pieces of linoleum and descend on them with a high steep hill to the river. Once they rolled me. It was unforgettable!

These are our classrooms. They are waiting for the beginning of the school year and laughter of children.

And this is something that is near the school. The school building stands near the cemetery, and from the windows I can see the crosses, tombs, monuments, fences ... It is a very nice view, isn't it?  :-)

But the cemetery ends and the descent to the river Sozh begins. On the other side of the river stands the city Vetka. The city is also visible from the window of the teaching rooms.

A new one-storey building will built near the school. There will be new classrooms, dining, sports class and much more. But  the money ended with  the crisis. Instead of the new building there is a large pit, which is overgrown with grass. I hope that the money for a new building will come and the school get bigger and better than today.


  1. Hi Alena! I have some questions about your school, is it possible to send you a private message here, can't see how to do it in here. Thanks.