Sunday, 30 September 2012

Belarus: one day in life

I present to you the beautiful video about Belarus and Minsk - "A day in the life of Belarus". Perhaps someone will say that it is too pathetic, but in Belarus much pathos is everywhere. And the video perfectly conveys this.

And the video is done very professionally, it's very impressive introduce you to the major sights of Belarus: Mir Castle, Nyasvizh castle, Novogrudok castle. You will make a fascinating walk through the streets of Minsk, see the buildings from the Stalin era, modern buildings. You will come to Minsk factory and see how cars are collected. You'll see how people in Minsk have a rest and how many fires lit at night and the city is transformed. You will see the shining lights in the National Library - one of the most recognizable buildings in the world.

And let this be a bit snobbish, but this is my home, I love Belarus with all my heart in spite of the political problems.

I invite you to see my country!

Time-lapse photography in motion.

Belarusian museums

I want to give you the address of Belarusian museums. This English-language version, you can find all the information there. If you are interested in the museum, click on the link.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Restaurant "Batskі" in Gomel

We have a wonderful restaurant in Gomel. It is called "Batski," which in English means "Parents." It is located in the heart of the city, three stops from the train station and a two minute walk from the park. This restaurant is different from all the self-service.

Photos taken from the site

How to get to the restaurant
Buses 1, 4, 20, trolleys 5, 7 to Komintern (bus station), then go on foot (follow the green arrows)
Trolleys 1, 10 to Lenin Square ( bus station), then go on foot (follow the blue arrows)

If you want a delicious and inexpensive meal, welcome to the restaurant "Batskі".

First you will see sinks where you can wash your hands before eating. Then you take a tray and go through the first room. You can choose a salad and soup.

Here is a very large selection of different dishes. If you wish to ganrir or meat dish, you go a little further.

Funny guests

A few days ago interesting guests were coming to our school. Young colt and his mother decided to play football at our playground. It is a pity that the children were in class and could not play with the guests.

By the way the horse eaten fruits plums that grow just outside the football gates. And the little foal stood in the gate. He probably wants to be a goalkeeper :)

Horses, geese are frequent visitors to our school. This is because the school is located in the village. I do not remember a single event (on the street) without some unusual guests.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Kobryn Timelapse

Today I found this video on YouTube. I was looking for such video with a natural sense for English-speaking readers of my blog for a long time. This film consists of mounted photographs taken with a slow shutter speed. I hope you can see how  my native town is changing  for the day.

I wish you a pleasant viewing.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

How to speak: Belarus or Belorussia?

You will find two versions of writing the name of my country on different sources. Which one is correct?
The official name of the country is the Republic of Belarus. This name you will find in any of the Belarusian newspaper, in anyBelarusian document. Why some people say "Belorussia"?

At the time of the Soviet Union, our country was called the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic (Belorussia). This name existed many years, it sits firmly in the memory of many people (non-Belarusians). For example, the Russians call our country only Belorussia. However, country with the same name is not on the map for more than 20 years. So the Russians continue to mention the name of a non-existent country.
From this we can conclude that the right to speak and write: "Belarus".

A gift

My friend Zim sent me a gift, "Thank you for a wonderful blog!" According to the rules, I must give it 6 another wonderful blogs:
1. A thousand reason (Thou-San)
2. Блог Глеба Лабадзенкі (Глеб)
3. The Traveller (Ankur and Soma)
4. Literatura&Linguagens (Nelson)
5. Learner (inspiration)
6. Копающаяся в методиках (Н.А.ta Дабарская)
Note: the picture in Russian :-)
And 6 facts about me:
1.What I like to do: walk around the streets of the city, read, read, read!
2. Your dream: that my whole family was happy.
3. What you dream to buy: Laptop
4. What do you dislike the heat
5. Your favorite drink: I almost did not drink alcohol, so I can not answer this question.
6. What is your favorite soft drink: fruit tea
7. Your dream house: a small cozy cottage in the country