Thursday, 13 September 2012

A gift

My friend Zim sent me a gift, "Thank you for a wonderful blog!" According to the rules, I must give it 6 another wonderful blogs:
1. A thousand reason (Thou-San)
2. Блог Глеба Лабадзенкі (Глеб)
3. The Traveller (Ankur and Soma)
4. Literatura&Linguagens (Nelson)
5. Learner (inspiration)
6. Копающаяся в методиках (Н.А.ta Дабарская)
Note: the picture in Russian :-)
And 6 facts about me:
1.What I like to do: walk around the streets of the city, read, read, read!
2. Your dream: that my whole family was happy.
3. What you dream to buy: Laptop
4. What do you dislike the heat
5. Your favorite drink: I almost did not drink alcohol, so I can not answer this question.
6. What is your favorite soft drink: fruit tea
7. Your dream house: a small cozy cottage in the country


  1. Thank you ever so much. (Learner is just a mirror of another blog Thank you all the same.

  2. Thank you very much for considering our blog for the gift.It is really a lovely surprise.Thank you once again

  3. Thank you so much Migalayte. It is such a great honour to be included in your list of favourite blogs. I write for readers like you and I truly appreciate the gesture. "Terima Kasih" in my language. I will try to carry on with more interesting travel stories to justify your faith in me. I also enjoyed your blog greatly and it taught me a great deal about the life and culture of your country. Keep up the good work!! Thanks!!