Sunday, 30 September 2012

Belarus: one day in life

I present to you the beautiful video about Belarus and Minsk - "A day in the life of Belarus". Perhaps someone will say that it is too pathetic, but in Belarus much pathos is everywhere. And the video perfectly conveys this.

And the video is done very professionally, it's very impressive introduce you to the major sights of Belarus: Mir Castle, Nyasvizh castle, Novogrudok castle. You will make a fascinating walk through the streets of Minsk, see the buildings from the Stalin era, modern buildings. You will come to Minsk factory and see how cars are collected. You'll see how people in Minsk have a rest and how many fires lit at night and the city is transformed. You will see the shining lights in the National Library - one of the most recognizable buildings in the world.

And let this be a bit snobbish, but this is my home, I love Belarus with all my heart in spite of the political problems.

I invite you to see my country!

Time-lapse photography in motion.

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