Sunday, 28 October 2012

What time is in Belarus?

Many countries in the world live in hte summer and winter time. 2 years ago Belarusians did the same thing. But after joining the Customs Union we abandoned summer time left on the winter, which is different from the lap of one hour.

People's opinions are divided. Some like to live without winter time, others see this as a lot of inconvenience, and some do not pay any attention to this problem. I belong to the second group: I have poor eyesight, and in the morning I do not see the number of buses. Last year, there were cases when I did not see the bus and had to wait for the next, I'm late for work. This year I was waiting for the same, alas ...
But this is only my problem. I decided to write this post is not to cry over their bitter fate.
Many travelers pass through Belarus, Russia, Ukraine. And from now on there is a problem with time, is the time in Belarus? How not to be late for the plane, train or taxi?

The site interesting picture is. It clearly shows how times have changed in Belarus and neighboring countries 10/28/2012.

One last thing: if you want to always know what time it is anywhere in the world, welcome to the site

Postage stamps of Belarus

My father has a philatelist. He collects stamps from different countries. Of course, the stamps of my country is one of the biggest parts of his collection.

First stamp appeared in Belarus in 1918. Then modern Belarus did not yet exist. It was another country with different boundaries. It was called the Belarusian People's Republic.
Here it is

New stamps was printed in 1920. Here they are.

Then Belarus became part of the Soviet Union, has lost its independence. Therefore, from 1922 to 1991 there are no real Belarusian stamps.

Friday, 26 October 2012

History of Belarus in 5 minutes

I invite you to a fun and interesting way to get acquainted with the history of my country. Company "Budzma" a few years ago presented a chic cartoon, in which a 5-minute tells the whole story of Belarus from antiquity to the present day.

Cartoon has English subtitles. So you will always be able to read and understand what is painted and what is told in the cartoon.

By the way, you'll hear rap in Belarusian! It is also very interesting. You never heard this before!

First Snow in Belarus

In Belarus today is the day of the first snow.

In the morning it was very cool, heavy leaden clouds littered the sky. But then the sun appeared in the sky and I was glad that it will be warm. But my expectations were not met ...

At noon, a real snowstorm was played, the wind was very strong, it was knocking on the window, threw them in a small handful of snow. All the children ran into the street. They enjoyed the snow, they were not afraid of a strong wind that tore at their clothes, the children danced in the yard.

And then the sun lit up the sky again and the snow has melted ...

To an hour all over again.

Today Belarus celebrate the day of the first snow, autumn goes away. Of course, the real snow will fall after only six weeks, but today I felt that the winter is very close.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Left side

Here is the left side of a regular road near my village. The photos were made in the summer of 2012. Taken from the site

Two sides of one road

Imagine that you are driving on ordinary road. Right and left the tall trees grow. The trail winds in front and behind you, and all around there is nothing but dense forest.
The trees on the right and the left. It seems that there is no difference between them. But it is not. There is a difference.

On the right side of the road birch, pine and fir trees grow, the land laid out with dry needles, yellow leaves falling on her.
On the left side of the road birch, pine and fir trees grow, the land laid out with dry needles, yellow leaves falling on her.

On the right side of the road the path goes into the depths of the forest.
On the left side of the road the path goes into the depths of the forest.

On the right side of the road there are usual village houses.
On the left side of the road there are usual village houses.

You say, where's the difference? This is the same wood, the same landscape.

No, I will answer you. There is one big difference.

You can stop the car, get off at the right side of the road, take a walk in the woods, cut mushrooms and put them in the basket. You can have a picnic with your friends a warm autumn day.

On the left side of the road walks are prohibited.

All this is because the left side of the road has special signs that warn: "Caution: High Radiation Danger!"

The paths that you see on the left side of the road, long overgrown with grass and moss.
Houses that are still on the left side of the road, look terrible: the roofs collapsed, the windows are empty, all around abandoned.

For over 20 years, the people can not go into the woods on the left side of the road.
The road separates clean and radiation zone. This is such a boundary of asphalt. It is very difficult to understand it. How is it that we can go into the woods on the right and we can not go into the woods on the left. What's the difference?
I go by bus on this road. My bus never stops here, so I can not take photos of myself.

On the left side of the road (a little deep in the forest), the background radiation is starting to rise. In this land, it ranges from 15 to 40 curies. There is no place for a normal life. People are not quickly return to the land.

I hardly ever think about that much toyzemli in which I work, contaminated by radiation. I have learned to live and to ignore it. To us in the school bring home apples, lovely seeds, corn, and I eat it all. Maybe it's wrong. But almost all the land contaminated with radiation and no way to choose something. And there is no time to think about that any apple can be a small nuclear reactor.

But the radiation will not gone, it surrounds me, my students, residents of the village. And it's very scary.

Two sides of the road - they are two sides of our lives...

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

How Belarusian people began to live in Belarus (а legend)

After the destruction of the Tower of Babel  all nations came to God and  began to ask him to give them a good place for live. God gave to every nation a very good land, everyone was happy. A Belarusian somehow missed and come to God with the latest, when the lands were given to other nations.

Belarusians stand before God. And God was sorry for the people. But it will help them? All the lands he had already given away. There was only a paradise. God decided to give haven to Belarusians. He told the people:

- I give you the best land. Forests will be the densest, and many birds and animals will live in them, a lot of fish will swim in lakes and rivers, you will pick a lot of berries and mushrooms in the groves, the land will be fertile and you'll get a good harvest.

Happy people began to develop a paradise.

But St. Peter came to God and said:

- My God! How can you give Belarusians paradise? You exalt one nation over all others. Other people will envy Belarusians, it is wrong. Belarusians are late so you don't have to give them the best land, you should punish them.

God thought about it and decided that the rights of St. Peter: Then he said:

- I can not take away that I gave them. But you're right, I should punish these people. They did not listen to me and come with the latest. They were too late. I'll give the Belarusian nation the worst government in the world. And Belarusians will forget about the beautiful land.

Since Belarusians live in the most beautiful and rich land in the world. But they rarely think about it, because they have the worst government in the world.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Today, on October 14, the whole of Belarus celebrates Mother's Day!

To all the awesome Moms... hope your day is as spectacular as you! Thank you for all that you do and know that you are loved!

I know a very nice and a good song about  mum. It was written in 1976, and since then it is known by every child in the former Soviet Union. Knows and loves. You can watch the video below. You'll see how touching children sing for their mothers.

You will find that all the audience singing together with children. 
I also tried to convey the general meaning of the song in English.

"Mummy" is the first word,
is the main word
in our destiny.
Mummy gave life,
mummy gave the whole world
for me and you.

If trouble comes
to your home,
mom is the best friend.
She will always be with you ...

Once you grow up

and fly up as a bird.
But in the memory and the heart of mom
you'll stay forever young...

My mom loves that song. When she hears it, tears come to her eyes. Mom, this song is for you! Happy Holidays!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Belarusian song "Charka na pasashok" by "Byaseda"

This is a Belarusian folk song. It explains that our people can not only work well, but also relax. The recording of this concert was made in 2001, on the Internet there is a more recent entry, but I like this version. Probably because of the immediacy, transparency, clarity of execution. The song "Charka na pasashok" always perform an encore. Probably because it fun, playful, sincere.

I want to talk a little bit lo title song. The Belarusian people (like many Slavic languages) have a tradition of good to meet the guests. If you ever get to visit the Byelorussian, you will know what is "na pasashok" means.

In ancient times, a cup of vodka was put it on a staff, the upper thickened cut staff. The man had to drink the whole cup, and only the last few drops poured behind - wet road. People believed that it will bring good luck in the journey.

Now this is a small amount of alcohol, you are offered it shortly before your departure from the guests. Thus, the owner tells you that he will welcome you into his home the next time. And after the "na pasashok" is still "aglablevaya" - this is one serving of alcohol to a horse (as Belarusians believed in the old days) quickly brought you to your home.

So if you are at a party listen "na pasashok", know that you are offered a drink a small dose of alcohol as a sign of attention from the owners. No one is forcing you to drink every last drop. Enough to make a small sip. This way you will not be able to hurt the owner and will not break the age-old tradition.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Happy Teacher's Day!

Today is my holiday. Today is Teacher's Day. It is celebrated in more than 100 countries around the world each year on October 5.

I want to great a "Happy Teacher's Day" to all the teachers in the world! I wish happiness, success, interesting meetings and a sea of optimism!

Be A Candle
Be A Light
Be A Twinkle
Be A Hope
Be An Inspiration
Be A Great Teacher Forever!

Happy Teacher's Day!