Sunday, 7 October 2012

Belarusian song "Charka na pasashok" by "Byaseda"

This is a Belarusian folk song. It explains that our people can not only work well, but also relax. The recording of this concert was made in 2001, on the Internet there is a more recent entry, but I like this version. Probably because of the immediacy, transparency, clarity of execution. The song "Charka na pasashok" always perform an encore. Probably because it fun, playful, sincere.

I want to talk a little bit lo title song. The Belarusian people (like many Slavic languages) have a tradition of good to meet the guests. If you ever get to visit the Byelorussian, you will know what is "na pasashok" means.

In ancient times, a cup of vodka was put it on a staff, the upper thickened cut staff. The man had to drink the whole cup, and only the last few drops poured behind - wet road. People believed that it will bring good luck in the journey.

Now this is a small amount of alcohol, you are offered it shortly before your departure from the guests. Thus, the owner tells you that he will welcome you into his home the next time. And after the "na pasashok" is still "aglablevaya" - this is one serving of alcohol to a horse (as Belarusians believed in the old days) quickly brought you to your home.

So if you are at a party listen "na pasashok", know that you are offered a drink a small dose of alcohol as a sign of attention from the owners. No one is forcing you to drink every last drop. Enough to make a small sip. This way you will not be able to hurt the owner and will not break the age-old tradition.

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  1. That is a lovely tradition and a very beautiful song. I would love to learn to sing it. Very interesting post - "na pasashok" :D