Friday, 26 October 2012

First Snow in Belarus

In Belarus today is the day of the first snow.

In the morning it was very cool, heavy leaden clouds littered the sky. But then the sun appeared in the sky and I was glad that it will be warm. But my expectations were not met ...

At noon, a real snowstorm was played, the wind was very strong, it was knocking on the window, threw them in a small handful of snow. All the children ran into the street. They enjoyed the snow, they were not afraid of a strong wind that tore at their clothes, the children danced in the yard.

And then the sun lit up the sky again and the snow has melted ...

To an hour all over again.

Today Belarus celebrate the day of the first snow, autumn goes away. Of course, the real snow will fall after only six weeks, but today I felt that the winter is very close.


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