Monday, 15 October 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Today, on October 14, the whole of Belarus celebrates Mother's Day!

To all the awesome Moms... hope your day is as spectacular as you! Thank you for all that you do and know that you are loved!

I know a very nice and a good song about  mum. It was written in 1976, and since then it is known by every child in the former Soviet Union. Knows and loves. You can watch the video below. You'll see how touching children sing for their mothers.

You will find that all the audience singing together with children. 
I also tried to convey the general meaning of the song in English.

"Mummy" is the first word,
is the main word
in our destiny.
Mummy gave life,
mummy gave the whole world
for me and you.

If trouble comes
to your home,
mom is the best friend.
She will always be with you ...

Once you grow up

and fly up as a bird.
But in the memory and the heart of mom
you'll stay forever young...

My mom loves that song. When she hears it, tears come to her eyes. Mom, this song is for you! Happy Holidays!