Wednesday, 17 October 2012

How Belarusian people began to live in Belarus (а legend)

After the destruction of the Tower of Babel  all nations came to God and  began to ask him to give them a good place for live. God gave to every nation a very good land, everyone was happy. A Belarusian somehow missed and come to God with the latest, when the lands were given to other nations.

Belarusians stand before God. And God was sorry for the people. But it will help them? All the lands he had already given away. There was only a paradise. God decided to give haven to Belarusians. He told the people:

- I give you the best land. Forests will be the densest, and many birds and animals will live in them, a lot of fish will swim in lakes and rivers, you will pick a lot of berries and mushrooms in the groves, the land will be fertile and you'll get a good harvest.

Happy people began to develop a paradise.

But St. Peter came to God and said:

- My God! How can you give Belarusians paradise? You exalt one nation over all others. Other people will envy Belarusians, it is wrong. Belarusians are late so you don't have to give them the best land, you should punish them.

God thought about it and decided that the rights of St. Peter: Then he said:

- I can not take away that I gave them. But you're right, I should punish these people. They did not listen to me and come with the latest. They were too late. I'll give the Belarusian nation the worst government in the world. And Belarusians will forget about the beautiful land.

Since Belarusians live in the most beautiful and rich land in the world. But they rarely think about it, because they have the worst government in the world.


  1. Ha, ha, ha, this same should be written about Poland :)