Sunday, 28 October 2012

What time is in Belarus?

Many countries in the world live in hte summer and winter time. 2 years ago Belarusians did the same thing. But after joining the Customs Union we abandoned summer time left on the winter, which is different from the lap of one hour.

People's opinions are divided. Some like to live without winter time, others see this as a lot of inconvenience, and some do not pay any attention to this problem. I belong to the second group: I have poor eyesight, and in the morning I do not see the number of buses. Last year, there were cases when I did not see the bus and had to wait for the next, I'm late for work. This year I was waiting for the same, alas ...
But this is only my problem. I decided to write this post is not to cry over their bitter fate.
Many travelers pass through Belarus, Russia, Ukraine. And from now on there is a problem with time, is the time in Belarus? How not to be late for the plane, train or taxi?

The site interesting picture is. It clearly shows how times have changed in Belarus and neighboring countries 10/28/2012.

One last thing: if you want to always know what time it is anywhere in the world, welcome to the site

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