Thursday, 29 November 2012

Castle in Kosava

Kosava is a small town in the western part of Belarus. Only 2,300 people live in this city.But this town is known throughout the country because there is a beautiful castle

Kosava castle belonged Casimir Puslovsky. The building was built in 1838. The large garden has been around the castle.

There are 12 towers in the castle. Each tower symbolizes the month of the year. 132 rooms were in the castle. The sun illuminates a room for 2, 5 days.

The castle was Black and White Rooms. They were decorated with black and white marble. In the Black Room the hosts and guests of the castle played cards and  in the White Room they drank tea.

Very unusual floor was in the castle. It was made of a durable double-glazed. Fish swam between glasses and a pair of dancing people literally walked on water!!!

The last owner of the castle loved to surprise people, she often invited many guests to the castle. One summer, she was bored and she wanted to make a Christmas. When the guests arrived at the castle, they were surprised that there was snow around the castle and the hostess greets guests in a sleigh!!!

How was it done? The hostess told to scatter salt around the castle. And people in July toboggan on salt.

Partisans burned castle during World War II. They feared that the Nazis could ambush in the castle. So beauty of the castle was almost completely destroyed. Now people in Belarus are raising money for the restoration of Kosovo's castle. I hope you will ever see this castle in his greatness.

Kosava castle now
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