Tuesday, 6 November 2012


At the beginning of November, the Belarusians have the week commemoration of ancestors. It's called Dzyady. The official Belarusian calendar this holiday is celebrated on November 2, but in different parts of my country and it is celebrated on different days.

What is this holiday?

As I wrote, this holiday has no definite date for Orthodox believers. The holiday was still a pagan times. Then, it was believed that in the first week of November, the ancestral spirits come into our world. People tried to appease the spirits.

Dziady different from Halloween. Belarusians believe that the spirits of the ancestors are always kind and rarely get angry. Therefore you should not make noise, fun and laughter. When the whole family was sitting at the banquet table, people can not talk loudly, waving, laughing. People did not use a knife, they broke bread with  hands.

During the holiday hostess prepared an odd number of meals (5, 7, 9) for dinner. The main dmeal is still considered kutya. This is a sweet porridge. It is brewed from semolina or rice. Hostess adds a lot of sugar, raisins, small candies in kutya. Each member of the family must to eat this porridge, and only then he can eat other meals. The special plate is on the table. People put every particle of cooking in it for spirits.

After the end of dinner plates of food were not cleaned. People believed that the spirits of the ancestors will come at night and sit at the banquet table.

On Saturday, people must come to the cemetery and light a memorial candle at the grave of each ancestor.

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