Friday, 23 November 2012

How this blog was created or Indifference of Belarusians

The idea to write this post occurred to me after reading an article in one of the online portals of Belarus. The article says that the researchers looked at what most indifferent people in the world. And Belarus (Russia and Ukraine) took third place. You know, I agree with this statement. I often see that people do not pay attention to their neighbors, co-workers.
I can give you a few examples.

If a pregnant woman is in the bus, most of the passengers immediately close eyes (they "sleep") or a hard stare at the screens of mobile phones. 

If you need to help an old man out of transport, not all young people agree to help.

January 26 this year, the usual morning began for me. But after an hour morning became horrible. The day was very cold, the road  was slippery beneath my feet. At the bus stop I was waiting for transport. When I walked in the bus, I slipped, fell and badly bruised my lag on the step the bus. My bag was opened and notebooks were scattered on the steps. Some of them fell into the snow. I could not stand myself.

At this time, I heard laughter behind me: two young men laughed at me. Other people were in the bus. No one helped me up. I got myself. I packed notebooks. In the bus I was near the rail and held on to it the whole trip, because I was afraid to fall again. Not one person asked me to sit down (people saw that I was in a bad way).

I went to the doctor. She examined me and said that I just fell. Every day, I was more and more difficult to walk.

As a result, I have had several operations on my leg. For over a month, I could not walk. And at this time, I decided to create this blog. Therefore misfortune helped me and I found many new friends in different states.)))

But indifference is a very scary character trait Belarusian. A year ago I taught the children and I could see through the window a terrible picture. Two young men were beaten third down. Children anxiously looked out the window. I ran out to the porch and chased men. I said that I will tell the police. At the same time, another teacher was in the next room. I asked the teacher why he had not responded to the beating of man. And got a terrible answer: "It's not my business." I do not understand this position.
There is an anecdote about Belarusians.
Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian were invited to the concert. They sat down on the chairs. In the seat of each chair was driven sharp nail. Russian sat down, then got up, rebuked the government and left the hall. Ukrainian sat down, then stood up, he took a nail and put it in his pocket. Belarusian sat down. He felt a sharp nail and tried to get up. Then Belarusian thought, "Maybe everything is as it should be?" He remained seated.
We are what we are. We do not pay attention to the circumstances. And that's why we have so many problems.

But there are very hospitable and kind. I went home today by the bus. An elderly woman was looking for the way to the hospital. All passengers kindly explain to the woman how to get to the hospital. Maybe Belarusians still have a chance?
The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them; that's the essence of inhumanity. (George Bernard Shaw)


  1. The same is here in Poland - in some parts of my city there is no trams with low floor. Sometimes I see elder people of mothers with little children, who try to go in to old tram - and very often nobody helps...

  2. Its really sad to see this state of people across the globe.Till about 10 years back people in my country specially the youth were very very helpful.They used to go that extra mile to help someone in distress.......but now sadly things have changed.Now most people are no longer bothered to help strangers..

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