Monday, 12 November 2012

New Metro Station in Minsk

11/06/2012 in Minsk were opened three new underground stations. Yesterday I was in Minsk, and, of course, visited these stations. I liked them. Unfortunately, subway can not be photographed, so I took the photos from: and Take a look at all the pictures and you'll see the most beautiful station!
Now more. These three stations continued the "Moscow underground line". Here is a schematic. (№№113, 112; and 111 is the most beautiful!!!).

It was very convenient to watch these stations because they are located side by side.

First I got to the station "Грушаўка" (113) (Hru'shauka - "Peach" village)

Then I went to the station "Міхалова" (112) (Mihalova)

And the last station of the line is "Пятроўшчына" (111) (Piatroushchyna). In my opinion, is the most beautiful underground station. Its feature - a blue "sky" overhead with 12 constellations of the zodiac. It's very cool!


  1. just out of curiosity,is it underground metro or the normal types?

    1. Belarus has only underground metro, it does not come to the surface. Thank you for the tip, I will correct the flaws in my writing.