Thursday, 1 November 2012

Nyamiha it is vanished river

River with interesting fate is in Minsk, you will not find it on a map, but any resident of Minsk show you a place where it flowed many years ago.

Part of the city of Minsk is called Nyamiha (rus. Nemiga). Why do they call it?

In ancient times, there was a river of that name. Nyamiha word means "sleepless." The river was divided into two arms and flowed ancient Minsk.

In 1067 took place on Nyamiha great battle that went all the chronicles of the time. It is mentioned in the monument of ancient literature - "The Song of Igor's Campaign, Igor son of Svyatoslav and grandson of Oleg." Here is an excerpt of this masterpiece of ancient Slavic literature (translated by V. Nabokov)

On the Nemiga the spread sheaves are heads,
the flails that threshare of steel,
lives are laid out on the threshing floor,

souls are winnowed from bodies.
Nemiga’s gory banks are not sowed
goodly-sown with the bones of Russia’s sons.

Nyamiha shoaled to the 19th century and was more like a stream. This stream flowed down the street, which also became known as Nyamiha, too. On rainy days, the stream was filled with water and the waves splashing on the walls of houses. Therefore, people have built over the creek wood flooring for the whole street. But the water is still rising higher and the houses were in the water. 
 Wood flooring over Nyamiha river

In 1926, the people have made out wood flooring and for all hid the river Nyamiha. The lower part of the river they made a concrete collector, and then put the cobblestone pavement. 
One part of the river was put into a pipe in 1926
The upper part of the river disappeared in 1955. Since Nemiga gone down in history.

But the river was not lost at all - it flows under the city for concrete pipes. Diggers love to explore Nyamiha, they photographed the river. And on rainy days Nyamiha street often goes under the water: so the river rises again to the surface. Nyamiha say: "I'm not die, I'm going back again and again".
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  1. Similar to Nyamiha,there is a river called Saraswati in India.It used to flow in ancient times after which the river dried up and disappeared but still many people believe that the river flows under the surface.