Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Pearl of Belarus

This is a beautiful poetic name, is not it? 

Belarusians are called so the largest lake in the country - Narach. Lake Narach is in the north-western part of Belarus.stacle and melted at the foot of the ridge. The lake was formed in this place.

Area 79.6 km2.
The greatest depth 24.8 m
Length 12.8 km.
Maximum width 9.8 km.
The coastal line 41 km.

Now I tell you a beautiful legend about Narach.

In ancient times, a beautiful girl Nara lived on the lake. She loved the young man Andrew. They were going to get married.


But misfortune came to young people. The rich and the old man once rode past the lake and saw Nara. He was struck by the beauty of the girl and asked her to become his mistress. The girl refused the rich old man. She said that she had already married to Andrew. Tycoon was angry and ordered the arrest Andrew and move him to the castle. No one has seen since a young man. He died in the dungeons of the castle.
The old man told Nara to prepare to move into the castle as  mistress. He even sent a guard, because he feared that the proud girl can escape. But Nara agreed to move. On the road, she was silent. Girl holding a basket in her hand. The basket was tightly wrapped in a cloth.

When Nara came to the castle, she asked the old man to be alone. Tycoon agreed. In his dreams he hugd and kissed the girl. Nara pulled a pot out of the basket, hot coals were in the pot. Nara fanned the flames, broke the basket on the bars and set fire to the castle. During a fire, she was able to escape.

But the tycoon has sent in her footsteps chase. He knew that Nara run home to the lake. Indeed, Nara fled to the shore of the lake. She realized that he could not escape from his pursuers. The girl threw herself in despair into the water. Nara decided to die rather than give up her honor.

Nara drowned. But she was able to take revenge on the evil old man. The castle was burned in the fire, the tycoon died. 

People have not forgotten the brave girl. They named the lake its name - Narach.


  1. interesting folklore....but i suppose thats what gives a more charm to places

    1. Rest on the lake is considered elite. I have not been able to live a few days in the comfort of the lake. But you can just come to Naroch and swim in it. I was driving along the coast Naroch few times and was amazed at the beauty of this magnificent lake....

  2. This is a really beautiful place and it is befitting to have a lovely love story accompanying it. :)

  3. It looks gorgeous indeed ! Thank you fr sharing the legend.

  4. Once again ... the above pictures show how Belarus in another way is like Finland, Canada, and the U.S.

    1. Yeah... Belarus has many picturesque places