Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Top 10 most recognized brands in Belarus

In Belarus, there are a number of brands that they know people from other countries. So today I decided to compile a list of brands in Belarus.

1. "Milavitsa". Lingerie "Milavitsa" - one of the few consumer products with the label "made in Belarus", which Belarusians can be proud of.

When I talk to foreigners, the first word after "Lukashenko" is exactly "Milavitsa". If you type the word into Google, you'll see a lot of beautiful girls in lingerie ))))) Try it!! ))
2. "Santa Bremor". I remember that the office of this company was very small. It takes only one room. Now it is a solid trading company. 

I associated it with the taste of herring fillet, which my whole family loves to eat with various toppings.

3. "Belarus". This is the famous tractor. Some people call it a symbol of our country. The tractor will recognize by sight, he goes on the field, not only in Belarus, but also in other countries.

4. "Savushkin product". This company produces dairy products. Milk, yogurt, yogurt is very tasty, I often buy them (I can not buy food at school and I carry food from home).

It is the products of this company are taken Belarusians in Ukraine and Russia. People in these countries are willing to buy Belarusian milk, sour cream, yogurt.

5. "MAZ". In many countries around the world go Belarusian trucks. They are made in Minsk. These trucks are called "Maz" (it stands for Minsk Automobile Plant). It is true that a very small number of Belarusian truck travels along the roads of developed countries, because it has its own producers.

6. "BelAZ". This is also a truck. He is very big and is designed to work in the quarries with sand and stone. These trucks Belarus sells to Asia and Latin America.

7. "Bielita-Viteks". The brand of Belarusian cosmetics. Every Belarusian woman has the several types of cosmetics in her house, as every Russian woman wants to buy it.

 8. "Kommunarka". This is aconfectionery. More recently it has been associated with a major scandal: previously factory was owned by a group of  people who have successfully done business. But a month ago, the government decided to take the factory itself. And it has done so. 

The factory make delicious chocolates, chocolate sets, waffles and more.

9. "Spartak". This is also a confectionery factory. It is located in the center of Gomel near my university. When I was in university, smells factory prevented me focus. One day there was a smell chocolate, the other day there is the smell of marshmallow, then the smell of caramel ...

Mmmm...yummy!!! And  it was hard to pass by the factory. My stomach does not stand up and begins to demand its share of chocolate. This factory is also state-owned.  

10. "Horizont". This is Belarusian TV-set. My parents have such TV. Really, the factory has not very good condition. But in neighboring countries people still remember this brand.


  1. I didn't know about it. Very interesting note! Greetings to You :)

  2. Milavitsa is dreaming brandmark, I live in France, I would be glad to offer belarussian underwear to my wife for a gift. I've sent a message to that compagny, I Hope I could get in.
    Anyway, thanks a lot to give an another face to your country not known and a gloomy image from here. Our children appreciate especially "Калыханка", a true moment of tenderness.
    Salutation de Paris.

  3. wow i was doing a project on brands of russia and the CIS countries, just come across this site, its interesting...oh and by the way your tractors and trucks are imported in my country in india.... greetings from india and whatever information you share is really appreciated.thank you. spassiba..djakuj.... :)

  4. Also Atlant is very recognisable brand ...and i have also a question. I have seen that many belarussian think that Zlaty Bazant beer is Belarussian which is not correct, its Slovakian.


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