Sunday, 25 November 2012

Vetka: wooden lace

Vetka town grew on the site of the settlement of Russian Old Believers. From Russia they brought their beliefs, their way of life, their traditions and their skills. Vetka is famous for its craftsmen now. Wood carving is particularly well known.

Yesterday I was in the thread (I used to take pupils to another school to the Olympics for Russian language). This school is located far enough away from the town center. So I went for a long time (25 minutes).

Very clear and cold day was yesterday. The grass was covered with frost, and the puddles were frozen. But the snow has not dropped yet. The sky was blue, the sun was shining and I was walking the streets of this amazing town. I walked the streets, looking at the threads on the beautiful wood carvings on houses.

I decided to show you how people decorate their homes. Incidentally, only Vetka  (and Gomel) is known for bright colors. You will not see these colorful houses in other parts of Belarus. 

Let's look at home in the Vetka. How beautiful wooden lace on them!

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  1. beautiful Vetka....would definitely love to visit Belarus someday