Monday, 3 December 2012

Giant inscriptions in Belarus

Many countries are proud of the creation of various giant signs. Many people heard about signs on the fields that were left by aliens). Many people have seen a huge name "Hamad" in the desert.

In Belarus there are giant inscriptions. They date back to the Soviet era, and naturally associated with communism. So the word "Lenin" can be seen from the plane in the Ivanovo region. It consists of birch trees planted and specifically expressed in the pine forest. These letters are best seen during the autumn. Yellow word "Lenin" on a dark green background can be seen from afar. 

In the northern part of Belarus a young city Navapolatsk is located. He recently celebrated his 50th birthday. In 1987, construction workers built a residential complex in the form of some letters of the alphabet. If you look at Navapolatsk from space, in the southern part of the city you will see a three letters "C". These are the three initial letters of the words "Soviet Union" ("СССР"). Residents of Navapolatsk say the letter "P" builders have not built because the Soviet Union was collapsed. I do not know whether it's true or not, but the three letters "С" and you can see for yourself.


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  2. Good strategic points for airplanes :)